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Prepare Yourself for These Annoying Summer Problems ...

By Lucy

Even though summer is the one time of year that everyone looks forward to, there are some pretty annoying problems that come with the season!

Comment which of these down below would have to be your most annoying summer problem to have!

1 Uneven Tan Lines

profession, I'm pretty sure every girl who loves to tan (naturally, that is) will know how annoying it is when you spend all day at the beach turning a gorgeous golden shade, only to realise you have weird tan lines from your bikini! Plus, tans take forever to fade so you're stuck with it for the next couple of months!

2 Sand in Your Sheets

person, film, profession, Spending all day at the beach might have been super fun but is there any way to stop the sand from following you home and crawling into your fresh, clean sheets?! It's so annoying having to dust it all out before you get in each night and what's worse is when you forget to do this and your sheets feel all grainy and rough when you first get in!

3 Gross, Dry Hair

person, film, All those hours under the sun have scorched your healthy hair and turned it dry and brittle! There's nothing more annoying than having to amp up your deep conditioning treatment sessions just to keep it at bay! I think most people would rather be out and about, enjoying the weather than stuck inside fixing their hair!

4 Sweating in All Your Fave Clothes

cartoon, anime, sculpture, emotion, I'm, Even though summer lets us wear all our favourite playsuits, bikinis, tops and shorts, nothing stops us perspiration in them! This problem is made much worse with places that don't have much (if any) shade so that we're forced to stay out under the baking sun!

5 Packed, Crowded Beaches

vacation, horizon, sea, spring break, resort, So summer has finally rolled around and you're getting ready for all those exciting trips to the beach, right? I think you're forgetting that basically everyone under the sun has the same idea as you! Good luck trying to find a free spot on the beach and achieve a tan with so little space for everyone!

6 Melting Ice Cream

clothing, person, t shirt, Nothing beats a cold, refreshing ice cream on a really hot summer's day to cool you down...except when it melts before you can even sink your teeth into it! This is a very annoying problem for all the particularly slow eaters out there who can totally relate!

7 Hot, Humid Nights

The Nick App, reptile, animal, toy, crocodile, You've just gotten home after a busy day and the only thing you want to do is crash and get a good night's sleep, right? But how are we supposed to get to sleep when it's still so hot and humid?! Prepare for a few sleepless nights this summer!

8 Waking up Early

person, man, male, portrait photography, photo shoot, So you've finally managed to get to sleep after much tossing and turning, but now the sun is back up (very early, I might add) and it's heating up quickly! To make matters worse, you're really not a 'morning person' but are forced to get up because it's just too hot to keep sleeping!

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