7 Products That'll Give You the Best Brows around ...

After you read this, you are going to be ready to have the best brows you’ve ever had. I have a hard time keeping my brows trimmed and polished, but it turns out that having the right tools and products can make that job easier. So, for the good of girls everywhere, I gathered all the necessary things together in one list so that you can have fab brows without having to do any of the work. Let me know how it goes.

1. You’ve Got to Have a Good Brow Brush

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Makeup experts say that the first step to good brows is to comb them upward so you can see where you need to fill them in or tweeze them a bit. Use an eyebrow brush to make this easy. A good brow brush will be gentle on your brow hairs so you can see where tweaks need to be made without worry about pulling out your brows.

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