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Don’t you just love The Body Shop? Well I certainly do! Not only do they sell amazing products, they also make sure they sell fair trade products, which I believe more companies should do. A lot of the reasons in this article come from the company’s values, because I believe these truly are the most important reasons to support and shop at The Body Shop. So whether you’re a regular like I am, or a casual buyer, please read these seven reasons to shop at The Body Shop.

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Amazing Products

The Body Shop truly is a Valhalla for everyone who likes to buy products which are fair, and amazing for yourself at the same time. Ranging from shower products to make-up and from facial care to hair care, The Body Shop has it all. As I mentioned earlier I’m a regular and I am just in love with the high quality of the products, their amazing smell, the way they make you feel when you use them and the endless options to vary and try different scents. And the most important thing, I love knowing I can spray some perfume, for example, without animals being hurt for it!


Against Animal Testing

To continue on that note, The Body Shop has strict policies against animal testing. They were one of the first cosmetic companies to not test on animals. All of their products are vegetarian and a good lot are also vegan. The company complies with the requirements of the Humane Cosmetics Standard. This standard was set by The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), and they make sure companies like The Body Shop comply with all the standards. As a vegetarian/vegan-under-construction, this is one of the main reasons I shop at The Body Shop. No living being should have to suffer just so I can put some make-up on. Luckily for me, The Body Shop sells a wide variety of amazing make-up! The colors are full and rich, the products feel really good on your skin and they last all day. Of course all of the other products such as the shower gels and scrubs are also 100% cruelty free.


Fair Trade

One of the other company values is that The Body Shop supports community fair trade. This ensures that local farmers get honest prices for their goods - a win-win situation if you ask me. The ingredients which are used in the products come from all over the world. Today The Body Shop works with twenty-five different suppliers, among them small-scale farmers, traditional artisans and rural co-ops.



I just love how The Body Shop tries to activate self-esteem, something which is very important in today’s society where everyone tries to be perfect. The Body Shop teaches us we are perfect just the way we are, and I totally agree with that. Their philosophy, as stated on their website, is that looking good stems directly from feeling good. Simple things such as not showing imagery that has a negative effect on women’s self-esteem can make a huge difference, and The Body Shop knows that.


The campaigns and initiatives by The Body Shop celebrate diversity in beauty, championing a message that embraces all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. Their stance against airbrushing and unrealistic beauty standards is refreshing in an industry often criticized for its narrow definitions of beauty. By empowering its customers to feel confident in their natural skin, The Body Shop emphasizes the importance of inner beauty and well-being—a powerful reminder to love and care for ourselves as we are. Their commitment to positive body image truly reflects a progressive and inclusive approach to beauty.


Human Rights

Human rights are so important. Sadly it’s not uncommon for people to be stripped of their rights. Defending these rights is something The Body Shop does by campaigning. Their biggest campaign so far was to stop sex trafficking of children and young people. It was a very successful campaign I might add. They engaged with their customers to raise funds and awareness and gather signatures. In the end they collected over seven million signatures which were presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council. This was actually one of the largest petitions in the history of the United Nations! Some other campaigns The Body Shop has been involved in are to stop domestic violence and raise awareness of HIV and AIDS.


The Environment

After reading all of the above, of course something as important as our planet cannot be left behind. Luckily this is another thing The Body Shop fights for. They’re actively trying to reduce their CO2 emissions, their waste, water consumption and electricity consumption. The bags which are given to customers are made of paper and they even create wildlife areas at their corporate sites! If you’d like to know more about this you can read their environmental principles here, thebodyshop.com.



Finally I’d like to mention the amazing staff which make all of this possible. In every Body Shop store I’ve been in, there hasn’t been one staff member who isn’t friendly and helpful. And by friendly I don’t mean the overly friendly ‘I-want-you-to-buy-something’ attitude. Of course The Body Shop selects their staff carefully because they have to fit with the company values. I reckon they’re doing a fine job at that. An added bonus is The Body Shop requires their staff to volunteer 3 days in a year for a good cause. What a great initiative!

I hope you can see now why I feel people should shop at The Body Shop. I wish more companies were as passionate about important things such as our planet and the people who inhabit it, as this company. Did you know these things about The Body Shop? And what are your top reasons to shop there? Please comment below, I’m really curious!

Source: thebodyshop.com

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Body shop actually buys all their products from other companies (who may or may not do animal testing) so even though they are against it they still support it but can claim THEY do not do it.

these days i m using moringa shower gel lip balm and tea tree fac mask and its amazing

i love body shop

The one thing I dislike about The Body Shop is that many of their products include disodium EDTA, urea, and parabens, as well as a few other things that are easily absorbed by the body, especially in the form of lotions and balms.

I would not buy from The Body Shop as they are owned by L'oreal which means they test on animals.

Agree except the last point

They apparently support Israel aswell. Sorry but I don't support the murders of 2 year old kids in Gaza by the Israeli forces. Looks like no body shop for me

Agree with those points however the products them self contain parabens and sulphates etc

I so agree ! I love bath and body works !

While their products are nice, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding its business practices, particularly because its a subsidiary of Loreal...

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