7 Sexy Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorials ...


7 Sexy Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorials ...
7 Sexy Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorials ...

If you’re looking for some sweet and sassy makeup ideas, take a look at these Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials! Maybe you need some ideas on makeup looks, need some product recommendations or just need some help on how to achieve a specific eye makeup look. These Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials can be a huge help to make your Valentine’s Day the most memorable yet! Don’t worry if you don’t have a date! You can get gussied up for a night out with your friends, family or yourself!

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Sweet & Sultry Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Let’s start off this list of Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials with SMLx0’s sweet and sultry makeup look! This makeup tutorial will take you through the entire eye makeup and lip product process to recreate her sexy eye makeup, blush and super sweet pink lip look! If you want dark, dramatic eyes with a pop of color on the lips, definitely check this video out!


Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Beauty guru JuicyStar07 created a very simple but elegant Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial. Her makeup tutorial shows you all the products used as well as taking you through how she applied the makeup, but she doesn’t do a talk-through. If you’re looking for more direction on how to apply makeup, you might want to skip this one. But if you’re just looking for ideas, this video might give you some good info!


Va Va Voom Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

RockSomeRouge made this next makeup tutorial that takes you through her pretty, glittery eye makeup look and even some Valentine’s Day themed nails! If you’re not too crazy about reds or dark eye makeup for Valentine’s, her sparkly purple and pink eyes and pale pink lips might be just the ticket! This look would be perfect for going out with the girls or anytime you want to shine!


Valentine’s Day Makeup

This next Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial by lizlizlive takes you step by step through her unexpected yet dazzling gold eyes and pink lip look. It might seem like she’s using a lot of eye shadows but the end result is drop dead gorgeous! This look is perfect for any special occasion or if you’re in the mood to do something different from a smoky eye!


Valentine's Day Sexy- GIRLS Night out

This next makeup tutorial was made just for a girls’ night out for Valentine’s Day! LoveMelissaMichelle talks you through her entire makeup process, from foundation primer to lip products. If you’re not a fan of the dark eyes and bright lips together, try out just one of the looks! You can wear this bright and beautiful look to go out to a fun dinner, clubbing or a party, and show off those sultry eyes and lips!


Get Ready with Me: Valentine's Day/Date Night

If you like “get ready with me” videos, you’ll love this next video by samanthaschuerman. She takes you very quickly through her foundation, blush and lip makeup process. If you like to get some ideas for beauty products or just like to see how different people apply their makeup, this video can give you some cool ideas!


Romantic Valentine Doll Make-up Tutorial

The last Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial is by Promise Phan. She does some unbelievable transformation videos, so if you’ve never heard of her, definitely check her out! Her makeup tutorial takes you through her eye makeup, blush and lips. If you’re looking for a little more daring and different look for Valentine’s, this would be great to wear on a date or out with friends!

I hope these Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials give you some ideas on some beauty products and makeup looks! No matter who you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with, you can dress up and make it special! Do you know what kind of makeup look you’ll be rocking for Valentine’s Day?

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