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7 Simple and Smart Beauty Uses of Baking Soda ...

By Heather

In case you didn’t know, there are many wonderful beauty uses of baking soda that won’t only make you a bit more lovely, but also a bit more frugral. I’ve often heard baking soda is great for cleaning but only recently did I learn of the many beauty uses of baking soda. Baking soda is one of the most simple ingredients in most people’s kitchen, and many people never use it as anything more than a fridge deodorizer, but this wonderful little powder is worth so much more! Try some of these beauty uses for baking soda this week. I bet you’ll be amazed by just how incredibly they work!

1 Toothpaste and Whitener

One of the most popular beauty uses for baking soda is as a tooth whitener. Baking soda can help not only remove plaque, but also whiten your teeth. The simplest way to use it this way is as a natural toothpaste. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and mix well. Then, brush your teeth with this mixture and rinse well. Baking soda also contain whitening properties, which makes it a popular ingredient in many whitening toothpastes. When combined with antibacterial coconut oil, which is also whitening, you’ll be well on your way to whiter teeth in no time!

2 Shampoo

Have you heard of the no-poo method yet? It’s taking the natural beauty world by storm. The no poo method is basically where you skip the chemical-enriched and toxic shampoos out there that just dry your hair out and make things worse, and go the more natural route instead. Instead of using shampoo, mix baking soda with water into a paste, equal parts each. I use about 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 3 tablespoons of water. Then, get in the shower, and part your hair and apply the mixture. Then, keep repeating until your whole head is covered. Scrub very well like you would with shampoo. There is no lather of course, but it cleans your scalp incredibly well. Baking soda neutralizes the pH of your scalp, which prevents dandruff and build-up, and also cleanses at the same time. You can either use coconut oil as your natural conditioner afterwards, or a commercial conditioner if you wish. Some people use vinegar to rinse their hair out, but I don’t find that to work well for dry hair, so I use coconut oil. Either way, the baking soda works fantastic and your hair is full of body afterwards too!


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3 Facial Scrub

I also love to use baking soda as a mild exfoliant. It’s much more gentle on your skin than harsh exfoliants, and it also neutralizes oils, but won’t dry your skin out.

4 Acne Agent

Along with being a natural exfoliant, baking soda also helps to cleanse the skin, and prevent or treat acne. Mix it with water to form a paste, and let it sit on your face for about 10 minutes after you shower. Then, just rinse well with a hot cloth, and your skin will feel incredibly soft. If you have acne, you’ll notice a difference in just a few days and it will help reduce spots slowly over time.

5 Breath Freshner

You can use baking soda to freshen your breath too! The alkaline nature of baking soda helps neutralize acids in your mouth that can cause bad breath. Use it the same way you would as a toothpaste as describe in point one and you’ll have fresh breath in just minutes!

6 Hand Scrub

Baking soda mixed with water makes a wonderful hand scrub too. It exfoliates your skin, which is wonderful for reducing winter dryness and scaly hands.

7 Callus Remover

If you wear heels or shoes that rub your feet a good bit, or you even exercise a lot like I do, you might have calluses on your feet. I have found that a baking soda scrub is wonderful for removing them in a gentle way. Just apply a paste of baking soda, water, and a little coconut oil on your calluses. Let this sit for 20 minutes and then scrub with a hot cloth. Do this three or four times a week for the best effects.

Baking soda can be bought anywhere and it’s very affordable. If you use it internally such as as a toothpaste, you might want to look into aluminum-free baking soda, such as one made by Bob’s Red Mill. It is a little more expensive, but might be worth the money if you’re concerned about consuming aluminum. Have you ever used baking soda any of these ways? Or, do you have a favorite beauty use for baking soda I haven’t mentioned here?

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