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Spoil Yourself with These 21 Luxury Beauty Products ...

By Eliza

Sometimes you just want to splurge on yourself, right? When it comes to beauty products, there are choices that span the spectrum of price. For the most part, I'm sure you make good choices based on your budget. If it happens to be one of those times when you're treating yourself, here are some products that should do the trick. Enjoy them! They're totally worth the price!

1 Luxury Moisturizer

Make moisturizing something you can't help but look forward to.

2 Vampire Vamp Luxury Palette

Vampire Vamp Luxury
This might seem like a lot of money for makeup, but you'll love the way it looks and feels on your face.


Eyeliner pastel

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3 Luxury Body Oil

Luxury Body
Give your entire body a makeover with this ultra luxurious body oil.

4 Luxury Hair Oil

Luxury Hair
At the same time, make your hair as lustrous and beautiful as possible with this hair oil.

5 Limited Edition Luxury Set

Limited Edition Luxury
This collection of lotions and potions is perfect for revitalizing your skin.

6 Angel Scent Line

Angel Scent
Get the whole collection of this wonderful scent so you know you'll always smell great.

7 Magnificent Blossom Perfume

Magnificent Blossom
You'll turn all the heads on the block when you wear this fab perfume.

8 Luxury Hair Care

Luxury Hair
Craving perfect hair? This collection will get you exactly what you want!

9 Luxurious Eye Brush

Luxurious Eye
Never spent this much on a makeup brush before? You'll be so glad you did!

10 Body Lotion

Your entire body will thank you when you slather this ultra rich moisturizer all over the place.

11 Luxury Face Oil

Luxury Face
You're going to have the most gorgeous skin on your face!

12 Skin Treatment Candle

Skin Treatment
Burn this candle for the wonderful scent, then use the resulting wax to moisturize your skin.

13 Luxury Beauty Balm

Luxury Beauty
If you think this is too much for lip balm, you will change your mind as soon as you give it a try.

14 Legendary Caviar Luxuries

Legendary Caviar
Caviar is never cheap, but that's for a good reason!

15 Body Cream

Not only with this revitalize your skin, but it will make you smell really wonderful too!

16 Luxury Face Serum

Luxury Face
You'll look younger and fresher anytime you use this fabulous face serum.

17 Tanning Towelettes

Give yourself a really healthy glow with these handy little towelettes.

18 Facial Cleanser

Get the clean skin you crave with this fabulous cleanser.

19 Luxury Nail Collection

Luxury Nail
You'll never have such a great manicure as you will with this collection.

20 Healing Facial Oil

Healing Facial
This wonderful little bottle will hydrate, heal and totally revamp your skin. What more could you want?

21 Repairing Hand Cream

Repairing Hand
A dab of this on your hands is the perfect answer to dry skin.

Do you love it? Are you planning to give it a try?

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