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Have you given any thought to your beauty products for fall? These are switches you might consider making in your fall beauty routine. Our face and body need different products when the season turns to fall. Hopefully, these ideas for beauty products for fall will be helpful to you.

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Swap out Lotion for Body Butter

One of the switches you may want to make in your beauty products for fall is to swap out lotion for body butter. Body butter has a creamier, thicker texture. Lotion may be working good for you but if you’re still dealing with dry skin, you may want to try body butter. If you don’t wear either, you might consider adding one of them to your beauty routine. Not only do they make your skin soft, there are many lovely scent choices in lotion and body butter.


Change Foundation Formulas

You may not need the same foundation formula year round. Your foundation needs could change with the seasons. You may want a more moisturizing foundation in the cooler months. Look for words like luminous or radiance in the name of the foundation. Those words are usually a hint that the formula is moisturizing.


Add in a Lip Balm

If your lips are dry, you may want to add a lip balm into your beauty routine. Applying a lip balm before you apply lipstick can be helpful in warding off chapped lips. It can also give your lipstick a better surface for application. It’s also good to apply lip balm before you go to sleep at night. Keeping a tube of it on your nightstand can help you to remember. My personal favorite right now is by EOS; it works great and comes in an adorable package.


Choose a Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a wonderful invention. It helps you to have clean hands and kill germs even when you aren’t near a faucet. But it can be drying to your hands. Thankfully, there are moisturizing formulas available. You may want one to protect your hands from becoming dry and uncomfortable.


Switch up Your Soap

Some soaps can be a bit drying for your skin once the temperatures lower. You may want to switch your soap for fall and winter. Body wash can be a bit more moisturizing than soap is. Dove and Caress are two brands that work well in keeping your skin moisturized. They both offer bar soap and body wash.


Double Your Moisturizer

Your face is really exposed to the elements. Harsh fall and winter weather can be hard on your face. It makes your face more prone to dryness as well as feeling tight or irritated. Using your moisturizer twice a day instead of only once can help prevent and treat the dry skin on your face. Making sure it’s a moisturizer with sunscreen is a good idea too, no matter what time of year it is.


Pay Special Attention to Your Hands and Feet

Hands and feet can be problem areas in the fall and winter. They can get dry and even crack, which is very painful. Stashing hand lotion several different places can help you to remember to use it often. Your desk, purse and nightstand are good places to keep it. There are also special foot creams you can use on your feet if regular lotion isn’t doing the trick.

Switching up your beauty products in the fall can help you look and feel your best. What switches in beauty products do you make when the temperatures begin to dip? I can’t wait to read your responses!

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thank you for this list..I dying to find out how to change my routine when whether changes..this article answers me. :)

Caress is a good soap it works nicely, good article.

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