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10 Fab Ways to Make Your Legs Gorgeous without Much Effort ...

By Alicia

10 Fab  Ways to Make Your Legs Gorgeous  without Much Effort  ...

When summer begins to sizzle, we break out the shorts, sundresses and skirts. But if your legs aren’t your favorite feature then you may feel self-conscious. These tips can make your legs look slimmer, giving you the confidence boost you need. Before long, you’ll be rocking those short-shorts!

Table of contents:

  1. Get Your (Fake) Tan on
  2. Wear Sandals with a Heel
  3. Slip into Something Black
  4. Try a Firming Cream
  5. Wear Nude Shoes to Get Length and Lean
  6. Stand with Your Ankles Crossed
  7. Take a Daily Walk
  8. Watch What You Wear
  9. Highlight Your Legs
  10. Show Some Skin up Top

1 Get Your (Fake) Tan on

clothing, swimwear, beauty, supermodel, model, Tan legs trump pale legs when it comes to which looks slimmer. Not only do legs look slimmer when they’re tan but they also seem to have more definition. But, you don’t want to risk skin cancer by baking in the sun or the tanning bed. Instead, use a sunless tanner to achieve the color you want. Most sunless tanners are buildable so you can slowly work up to the level you want.

2 Wear Sandals with a Heel

human positions, footwear, leather, leg, thigh, Heels make you look taller. And when you look taller, you look slimmer. It’s a bit of an illusion but if it works, who cares! No one is going to take time to analyze why you suddenly look slimmer; they’re simply going to admire your lovely legs. In addition, legs look much more toned when you’re wearing a heel.

3 Slip into Something Black

clothing, outerwear, sleeve, coat, jacket, Black is slimming. It’s a secret women have been using for decades to seem smaller than they really are. Wearing black in the summer can be tricky since the color tends to draw heat. Try only wearing black on bottom such as black shorts with a cute tank. You could also wear black when you know you’re not going to be outdoors.

4 Try a Firming Cream

hand, pattern, circle, leg, shape, Cellulite. The very word makes most of us cringe because we hate it! And while even very slim women battle cellulite, it’s worse if you’re overweight. Having cellulite isn’t the end of the world and it’s important to remember how common it is. That being said, it’s okay to try a firming cream to make it less visible.

5 Wear Nude Shoes to Get Length and Lean

white, clothing, footwear, fashion, outerwear, Nude shoes make your legs look slimmer because they extend your leg. Because shoes this color tends to blend into your skin, you look taller and slimmer than you really are. Another awesome benefit to nude shoes is that they go with so many things. They’re the perfect neutral. Once you own a pair, you’ll wonder how you ever made it without them.

6 Stand with Your Ankles Crossed

clothing, leg, black hair, thigh, Have you ever noticed that celebrities are often photographed standing with their legs crossed? That’s no coincidence. Crossing your legs makes you look smaller than you really are. It makes the camera shoot you from an angle rather than head on. Try standing like this in front of a mirror and see the difference. Use that angle to your advantage!

7 Take a Daily Walk

clothing, footwear, shoe, spring, fashion, The best thing you can do to make your legs look slimmer and prettier is take a daily walk. Seriously, it’s that simple. A daily walk will help you to have a healthy weight and have the pretty definition you’re craving. You can say goodbye to any flab you have if you take up walking. Walking offers you many health benefits, as well as giving you a wonderful burst of feel good endorphins each time you walk.

8 Watch What You Wear

white, clothing, blue, footwear, denim, Booties at the ankle, A-line skirts cut at the knee, and cropped jeans can all give the illusion your legs are slimmer than what they actually are. Make sure you're wearing clothes flattering to your body in order to have the appearance you have the body you want.

9 Highlight Your Legs

denim, clothing, footwear, jeans, leather, Use a shimmer stick and draw a line from your thigh to your foot. The eyes of others will immediately be drawn to the shimmery line, and the line being straight down will have your legs looking thinner and longer. Add more thinning oomph by contouring the outter leg.

10 Show Some Skin up Top

clothing, footwear, season, winter, spring, If you're looking to draw attention away from the legs, wear a lower cut top or a sleeveless shirt. By drawing the eyes to the skin showing on top, you're giving the viewer less reason to pay attention to your legs, therefore, your legs will look slimmer because they'll only glance at them.

These 10 tips will help your legs look slimmer. Prepare to get the compliments, ladies! Do you have any tips on this subject you’d like to share?

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