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Every girl has her own set of beauty habits, some good and some bad. What it takes to feel beautiful and ready to face the day is different for everyone. That might be curled hair, a full face of make-up or shoes that match your bag. No matter how you prepare for the day, there are some beauty habits that every girl should have. They have major benefits that you’ll come to count on. So, without further ado, here they are.

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Caring for Your Cuticles

You might not think people pay that much attention to your hands, but the truth is that ragged cuticles never look pretty. That means that one of your top priority beauty habits should be proper cuticle care. Never pick or tear them, because that looks bad, but can also introduce the possibility of an infection. Hydrate your cuticles with lotion on a regular basis too.


Dress for Your Body Shape

Not all clothes and shoes don’t look good on every person. When you dress for your unique and fabulous shape, you have the chance to look wonderful no matter where you’re going. Talk to a stylist and pay attention to the clothing that gets you the most compliments to figure out what you should buy and what you should stay away from. But remember, no matter what anyone says, if you love it, rock it!



I know it sounds cliché, but anyone looks better with a smile on her face. Even on days when it feels forced, smile anyway. Experts say that the phenomenon of faking it until you make it works. So pretend you’re happy and your emotions are more likely to follow suit.


Eat Healthy Foods

You might wonder how your diet plays any part in how you look, but it absolutely does! The foods you eat help keep your skin healthy and radiant and keep your hair shiny and your nails strong and lovely. Also, healthy foods prevent weight gain and disease. So choose lots of foods from each food group and save the junk for a treat now and then.


Wear Moisturizer

You’ve probably heard it before, but moisturizer is an important product for beauty. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, which translates to a youthful and glowing appearance no matter what else you’re wearing. The best time to moisturize is right after a shower when your skin is damp.


Keep Make-up Subtle

That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment or layer it on for a specific occasion. It does mean keeping it natural looking and choosing the right colors for your skin tone, eye color and hair color. That’s where the fun starts though because you can experiment with different looks in your free time to come up with the ones that suit you best.


Leave Your Skin Alone

Picking at your pimples, dry skin or other blemishes increases the chance that you’ll wind up with a scar and there’s nothing too pretty about oozing crusty patches on your body. I know it’s hard to leave zits alone, but if you allow them to go away on their own, there’s less of a risk of a mark being left behind. Instead of picking at dry skin, slather it with lotion to help combat the issue and make it go away.

Are you ready to pick up one of these habits today? Experts say it can take up to three weeks before a behavior becomes a habit, so stick with it and don’t give up. Which one is your next good beauty habit?

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the best thing u can do for your cuticles is push them before painting ur nails

Why would u put a girl cutting her eye lashes on the cover when every one wants long eye lashes never herd of that.

the best way to make your eyelashes and eyebrows longer and stronger is to put caster oil on them with cotton or old mascara(make sure you clean it good) before you sleep, you can find it in pharmacies! I put it everyday it makes new hair grows strong

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