The anti KylieJennerChallenge Here is All You Need to Know to Have Healthy Sexy Lips ...

By Jennifer

The anti KylieJennerChallenge Here is All You Need to Know to Have Healthy Sexy Lips ...

If you've been dying to get Kylie Jenner's plump pout, and have been tempted to try the #kyliejennerchallenge, DON'T DO IT! There's a lot of great ways to get her enviable full lips without the pain... and here are just a few makeup techniques and products to get the job done (minus the shot glass and bruising). To see the full photo, tap the image. At the bottom are a few of my own fave lip plumper glosses - did yours make the list?

1 Highlighting's Key

lip,face,pink,cheek,eyebrow, Source: 10 Stylishly Festive Christmas Makeup

2 The Secret to Lining

El Shaddai,lip,face,pink,mouth, Source: How To Apply Lip Liner

3 Cosmo's Method

Cosmopolitan,eyebrow,face,cheek,lip, Source: How to Fake Fuller Lips

4 For the Uptown Girls

lip,face,pink,eyebrow,nose, Source: THE UPTOWN LIP

5 Classic!

lip,face,eyebrow,pink,cheek, Source: 32 Makeup Tips That Nobody

6 TruE Artistry

lip,face,pink,cheek,lipstick, Source: Makeup Technique for Sassy Lips

7 Easy Peasy!

lip,face,pink,mouth,cheek, Source: BEAUTICIAN MAGICIAN: A VOLUMINOUS LIP

8 The Untrendy Take

face,lip,nose,mouth,skin, Source: Craving Full Lips

9 Quick & Easy

eyebrow,face,nose,cheek,lip, Source: Pucker Up, Pretty! The Smooth

10 No-Tox to Botox

eyebrow,face,lip,cheek,nose, Source: Say No-tox to Botox With

11 Don't Forget to Brush!

color,face,nose,lip,pink, Source: 10 Beauty Infographics to Pin

12 Contouring

eyebrow,lip,face,cheek,pink, Source: My Favorite Pink Lip Colors

13 After You Apply Lipstick, Sharpen the Edges

eyebrow,lip,face,cheek,pink, Source: 18 Genius Hacks for Fixing

14 Reshaping Your Lips

diagram,brand,line,lip,Lipliner, Source: Reshaping your Lips: the Art

15 That's Pretty Detailed!

eyebrow,face,cheek,nose,lip, Source: Natural Look Lip Makeup Tutorial

16 Go 3D

lip,face,pink,cosmetics,mouth, Source: 40 DIY Beauty Hacks That

17 DIY Scrub

lip,mouth,eyelash,Fab,Lips, Source: Da Fab Lips Treatment

18 At Home

skin,lip,petal,brand,YOURSELF, Source: KITCHEN BEAUTICIAN

19 E.l.f. Primer & Plumper

cosmetics,eye, Source: e.l.f. Lip Primer & Plumper

20 Pillow Plump

pink,lip,lip gloss,organ,cosmetics, Source: Sephora: Soap & Glory

21 Smashbox O-Plump

pink,skin,lip,lip gloss,cosmetics, Source: Smashbox 'O-PLUMP' Intuitive Lip Plumper

22 Go Dior!

skin,cosmetics,lotion,perfume, Source: Dior 'Addict' Lip Maximizer

23 My Pick: Lip Venom!

pink,product,magenta,VENOM,FLASH, Source: DuWop Venom Carousel ($101 Value)

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I don't know why it's in. But it won't be in forever.

If you want lips like Kylie Jenners then you'll have to get the same plastic surgery she did. People are so shallow and superficial these days.... The elf plump and primer, plumper makes your lips burn and the primer makes your lipstick clump. A simple scrum with sugar and dove soap will work fine to exfoliate

Robynnepaula no its plastic surgery. I dont like the kylie jenner lip challenge( think its disgusting) but i like the tips

Who the hell wants KJ lips smh. I love my lips and everything else God gave me.

Why would anyone want her lips? First that they are fake, they don't even suit her, and she looks very old for her age. If I didn't know that she was under 18 I would give her 30+

@CAS not everyone is jealous of each other, ya know? I don't like her because of how he is lying and how superficial she is and I love my lips. Simple as that.

Honestly why do you have to do so many steps just to put colour on your lips. I find it ridiculous.

Thanks for responding so quickly...going to check out that article many thank you's Rhonda xo

Totally agree with you Teresa

lol white girls and boys taunted me for having big lips now white girls will do anything for them 😖😂

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