These Feminist Tattoos Will Make You Proud to Be a Woman ...

By Eliza

These Feminist Tattoos Will Make You Proud to Be a Woman ...

Feminism doesn't always mean man hating. You can rock your female pride without saying that you hate the opposite gender. Want to show off that pride? How about getting one of these tattoos? The only trouble will be deciding which one you like the best.

1 What a Feminist Looks like

This tattoo would work for any girl. Where would you get it?

2 Marilyn Monroe Quote

Marilyn usually knew what she was talking about.

3 Be Free

This sums it up pretty well, don't you think?

4 Your Body

Your body, your rules, right?

5 Feminist Pony

Would you ever get a tattoo like this?

6 Bitch Planet

Are you part of this movement?

7 Girl Power

This feminist tattoo is simple, but it sure does say alot.

8 Growl Your Power

Pretty awesome, isn't it?

9 Nobody's Girl

Do you love this?

10 Her Own World

You can build your own world, so why not let the world know that?

11 A Sprig of Flowers

What could be more feminine that a bunch of flowers?

12 Some of Everything

You could get just a part of this look or all of it.

13 Totally Feminist

Pretty epic, don't you think?

14 Venus Symbol

It doesn't get much more feminist than this, right?

15 Riot Girl

What do you think of this one?

16 Spell It out

This one definitely says it all!

17 Hammer

Do you love this?

Which one do you want?

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