These Feminist Tattoos Will Make You Proud to Be a Woman ...


These Feminist Tattoos Will Make You Proud to Be a Woman ...
These Feminist Tattoos Will Make You Proud to Be a Woman ...

Feminism doesn't always mean man hating. You can rock your female pride without saying that you hate the opposite gender. Want to show off that pride? How about getting one of these tattoos? The only trouble will be deciding which one you like the best.

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What a Feminist Looks like

What a Feminist Looks like This tattoo would work for any girl. Where would you get it?


Marilyn Monroe Quote

Marilyn Monroe Quote Marilyn usually knew what she was talking about.


Be Free

Be Free This sums it up pretty well, don't you think?


This text is a powerful reminder of what it means to be free. It encourages women to be proud of their identity and to embrace their power. The image of a woman with a tattoo of a bird in flight is symbolic of breaking free from the bonds of oppression and finding freedom. The tattoo is a reminder to be unapologetically yourself and to pursue your dreams. It is a call to action for women to be brave and to take control of their lives. It is a reminder that each woman has the power to create her own destiny and to be the author of her own story.


Your Body

Your Body Your body, your rules, right?


Feminist Pony

Feminist Pony Would you ever get a tattoo like this?


Bitch Planet

Bitch Planet Are you part of this movement?


Girl Power

Girl Power This feminist tattoo is simple, but it sure does say alot.


Growl Your Power

Growl Your Power Pretty awesome, isn't it?


Nobody's Girl

Nobody's Girl Do you love this?


Her Own World

Her Own World You can build your own world, so why not let the world know that?


A Sprig of Flowers

A Sprig of Flowers What could be more feminine that a bunch of flowers?


Some of Everything

Some of Everything You could get just a part of this look or all of it.


Totally Feminist

Totally Feminist Pretty epic, don't you think?


Venus Symbol

Venus Symbol It doesn't get much more feminist than this, right?


The Venus symbol is a representation of the female gender, and is often seen as a symbol of feminism. It is composed of a circle and a cross, and is said to represent the female planet, Venus. The symbol has been used since the 19th century to represent women's rights and is still used today by feminists around the world.

The symbol is most commonly seen in tattoos, and is often combined with other symbols such as the female gender sign, the fist, and the word "feminist". It is not only used to represent feminism, but also to show solidarity with other women and to celebrate the strength of female identity.

The Venus symbol is also seen in clothing, jewelry, and other items. It is often used to create a sense of unity among women and to provide a visual representation of the fight for equality. It is a powerful symbol of female empowerment, and its presence in tattoos, clothing, and other items can be a reminder of the importance of women's rights.


Riot Girl

Riot Girl What do you think of this one?


Spell It out

Spell It out This one definitely says it all!



Hammer Do you love this?

Which one do you want?

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Well I personally like number 3 if I should get one myself

I don't need a tattoo to make me feel like a women

#2 It's rather anti-feminist not to care if you live in a man's world...

Erm i don't need a tattoo to prove anything... That os what the brain is there for! U dont have to wear tour life story on your sleeve! Mystery is a womans power sometimes!

So pretty

"Smash the Patriarch" is kind of man-hating. I like the sprig of flowers, it's pretty (though I don't like tattoos in general).

lol Wendy then don't use a tattoo to compensate for anything. Idk I personally think tattoos are a cool way of expressing and portraying yourself

@Olivia not if you are confident enough ;)

Wow I really like the Be Free tattoo! And I don't really like tattoos so that says a lot haha

Well some people like tattoos and if you want a tattoo but don't know what to get these could might be good ideas. Some people needs to chill and stop hating on everything

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