Women Are Now Wearing Rainbow Freckles on Their Faces ...


Women Are Now Wearing Rainbow Freckles on Their Faces ...
Women Are Now Wearing Rainbow Freckles on Their Faces ...

Every single day, there are strange new trends popping up around the world. This time around, it has to do with freckles. Rainbow freckles. According to Refinery 29, you should expect to see them on more models in the near future. Take a look:

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Purple Do you like the way her freckles match her hair?



Gold Freckles don't have to be on every inch of your face, you know.



Blue Some women are wearing multiple colors at once.



Gold Her gold eyes match her gold freckles.



Purple How do you feel about this look?

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Pink I bet you've never seen pink freckles before!

Would you ever try this look, or do you think it's ridiculous?

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I think freckles are an endearing quality, and that people should not be embarrassed by them! =)

So stupid!

Ok they really need to stop with these hunger games trends

WTF seriously?they Look like little girls playing with their mom's makeup

I think it's cute. As a kid I always hated my freckles and got bullied over them. Seeing them in positive cute light is a great and semi ethereal change.

Stupid but there you go!

@Natalie - yes!!!

Completely pointless


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