9 Incredible Tips to Look Great in Every Photo ...

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to look great in every photo? Well, I have worked in front of the camera for a good chunk of my life, and through trial and many errors have come up with a list of ways to look great in every photo. I guess a more honest title would be, "How to look great most of the time in your photos," because there will always be that occasional shot where your eyes are closed or you just aren't in the mood. But with the exception of those moments, this list will help you put your best face forward with each snap.

1. Good Posture

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I don't remember if I heard this in ballet or in a runway class, but these words will forever ring in my ears: "Stand as if you are trying to touch the sky with the top of your head." This always has worked for me if I need to correct my posture because it automatically brings the shoulders back, chest up and straightens the back out. Good posture is a sure way to look great in every photo that you take. I consider posture to cover everything from your toes to the crown of your head. One mistake you don't want to make is to straighten up only to lower your head at the last second so you are the same height as others. I was guilty of doing this for years because I didn't want to be the tallest girl in the photo. Stand up tall, ladies, no matter what your height, stand tall!

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