Top 8 Makeup Mistakes Beginners Make ...

By Lisa

Top 8 Makeup Mistakes Beginners Make ...

If you’re just beginning to dabble in makeup, you’re highly encouraged to experiment and have fun but there are some makeup mistakes beginners make that you want to know about and avoid. Your makeup should be reflection of your personal taste while enhancing your natural beauty, not covering them up or disguising your features with tons of makeup. So whether you’re new to the makeup game or just want to avoid looking like an amateur, keep on reading for info on these avoidable mistakes!

1 Not Properly Caring for Skin

A very common amateur beauty mistake is that many makeup newbies are so focused on the makeup itself that they overlook the foundation of looking good and looking your best which is having good skin! Treat blemishes, cleanse and moisturize your skin regularly and consider seeing a dermatologist for stubborn skincare issues. Correctly caring for your skin should supersede any makeup tips because having healthy skin is paramount to any makeup!

2 Over-warming Your Complexion

I’ve watched some beauty tutorials online or on TV and attempted to replicate a look before but if not done with care, it’s another one of the big makeup mistakes beginners make. I’ve seen makeup artists “warming up” a woman’s face by strategically applying blush to various areas of the face and it looks pretty good but applying blush on your cheeks, bridge of nose, chin and forehead can be a bit much if not done correctly and with a light hand so always go light and add more if necessary!

3 Using Concealer like Foundation

We might think we have lots of problem areas that need concealing but when we start covering the majority of our face with it, it’s an amateur beauty mistake that we need to avoid at all costs! Concealer can make the difference between uneven skin or blemishes taking center stage over our intelligence or dazzling personality but you know what they say about too much of a good thing! Use concealer sparingly and cautiously because applying too much or using it in too many places leads to a crepey, pale complexion that looks caked-on. There are so many different tools for different beauty issues so don’t rely solely on concealer!

4 Scary Smoky Eyes

The smoky eye is sexy and super chic but even the most seasoned beauty lover can be guilty of making this makeup mistake beginner make if they aren’t careful! Smoky eyes can look easy enough when you watch someone else do it but when it comes to replicating the look on yourself with little experience; it can turn out to be disastrous! Use eye shadow colors that you can build upon so you can add more color if needed rather than piling on dark shadows all at once.

5 Applying Too Much Lip Product

Getting a little overenthusiastic with applying lip products are common beauty mistakes beginners and experts can make unintentionally. Sometimes we’re so worried about our lipstick fading or coming off that we continuously reapply our gloss or lipstick to the point where it starts to look goopy, feathery or just plain messy where it will start to transfer on to your teeth , chin and food!

6 Wearing Too Much Eyeliner

Somewhat similar to the scary smoke eye makeup mistakes beginners make wearing too much eyeliner can come off looking a little intimidating or you run the risk of looking panda-ish! If you’re worried about the liner fading, use a pencil that has a long-lasting formula or try liquid or gel liner. If you’re worried about making sure your eyes stand out, rimming your eyes with tons of eyeliner won’t enlarge them or make them pop any more than using it in moderation, plus using less is so much more becoming!

7 Coloring outside the Lines

Sometimes this lip trick and frequent amateur beauty mistake can work for you but it has to be done right which can be very hard to do! Taking your lip liner outside of your natural lip line can sometimes give the appearance of fuller lips but often times it can end up looking a little Joker-ish or way too exaggerated! If you want your lips to look fuller or bigger, apply a touch of light gloss to the center of your top and bottom lip.

8 Too Much Powder

Makeup mistakes beginners make that many makeup mavens also make is to pile on the powder! I’ve made this mistake many times before discovering blotting papers from having such oily skin but after discovering mattifying lotions and primers as well as oil-control makeup, you won’t see me walking around with too much powder! If you’re concerned about setting your foundation, use a makeup brush to apply powder and always tap off any excess. If you use a powder puff, always get rid of excess powder before applying it to your face.

Many of these makeup mistakes beginners make are easily fixed and avoidable with the right tools and information! Believe me girls, many of us before you have made these 8 mistakes and then some when we first started using beauty products so don’t let these mistakes deter you from learning more and improving!

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OMG awesome tips! :) LOL, I definitely made the brow and eyeliner mistakes :P

don't forget spider leg eyelashes! Big mistake!

not filling in (or grooming) your brows...

And don't forget to match your face with your neck. Just don't go over-board!

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