9 Beauty Tips 💋 to Try from Your Grandmother's 👵🏼 Generation ...

Your grandmother was right about so many things, and she always has the best advice. Sure, some of her beauty tips seem weird, but hey, they really work! Here are a few of my glam-ma's beauty tips that really do work wonders.

1. Olive Oil Moisturizer

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My grandmother swears by olive oil for keeping skin looking young, and also for treating facial cuts and scrapes (and for chapped lips). I've tried it, and she's right! I also use a little on the ends of my hair in winter to tame fly-aways.

2. Baking Soda Toothpaste

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My grandmother keeps a box of baking soda in her medicine cabinet, and she uses it as toothpaste to keep her teeth white and her breath fresh. It tastes terrible - truly, it's nasty - but wow does it work!

3. Root Veggies for Your Face?

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This one is so weird, but Gigi says it's true: if you rub a raw turnip or potato on your face every morning, and then again every night before bed, it'll clear up acne and remove spots. It's awkward, but it really does work!

4. Skip the Straw

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My grandmother has always refused to drink from a straw. I thought it was just an odd preference, but nope - she says it's to keep wrinkles from forming around her mouth. Beauty experts agree with her, too, so from now on, no straws for me either!

5. Ladies Don't Smoke

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Long before doctors discovered the havoc cigarettes wreak on our bodies, ladies knew it was bad for your beauty too. The smell? Disgusting! It also causes wrinkles and discolors your skin and teeth.

6. Get Your Beauty Sleep (on Your Back)

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This is another one that just sounds so weird - sleeping on your back is better for your skin. Add to that the recommended 8 hours of beauty sleep, and you're gorgeous in the morning, darling!

7. Red Lippie

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My grandmother is 91 and she still rocks the red lippie. The key, she says, is choosing one in the hue that's right for you... and when you swipe it on, you'll always feel put together. She's right!

8. Pond's Cold Cream

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Gigi has always, always used Pond's Cold Cream every night to remove her makeup. I mean, there's a reason it's been around forever - it works!

9. Smile!

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Okay, so this might cause a few more wrinkles (Gigi calls them "laugh lines") but there's nothing you can wear that will make you look prettier than a smile. Thanks, Gigi!

So what words of beauty advice has your grandmother given you? Do they work? Do tell!

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