7 Quick Fixes for Your Worst Beauty Blunders ...

By Eliza

7 Quick Fixes for Your Worst Beauty Blunders ...

We all make a beauty faux pas from time to time. The trick isn’t trying to avoid them because that’s a losing battle. Instead, you should learn how to fix them fast so that you can go from mistake back to fabulous really quickly. No matter what your worst beauty blunder, chances are it was not so obvious to the people around you. So instead of freaking out, use one of these simple tricks and you’ll feel great in no time, thanks to All You magazine.

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1 You Took Your Hat off and Your Hair is All over the Place

Whether you’re wearing a hat because it’s really cute or you’re wearing a hat because it’s cold outside, when you take it off, you might have a mess on your head. While adorable or really functional, a hat won’t do your hair style any favors. But, never fear. Go ahead and wear the hat. When you take it off, simply rub a small amount of hand lotion between your palms and gently put your hair back into place.

2 You’re Having a “Nailed It” Moment with Your Eyeliner

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve ended up with too much eyeliner because one line was thicker so I tried to adjust the other and vice versa until I just had to start over. No more! To fix yours, simply dip a cotton swab in makeup remover and gently even out the lines. Easy, right?

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3 You Got Too Much Foundation and It Won’t Blend

If you accidentally got too much foundation, you might notice that you can’t get it to completely blend with your complexion. Look closely and you even see the swirl lines from trying to get it blended. What to do? Use a tissue to gently blot the excess product without smudging it.

4 Your Brand New Manicure is Chipped

There’s nothing I hate more than a chipped nail. The good news is that you definitely don’t have to start from scratch. Simply apply a coat of glitter to your nails to mask the chip. You might also gently buff the area, apply another coat or two of the polish, then top it all off with a coat of clear. You won’t even notice after that!

5 You Went a Little Crazy with the Perfume

Don’t worry! This has happened to all of us at least once. You definitely don’t want to walk around knocking people over with your scent, so damage control is a must. To counteract the perfume, rub some unscented lotion over the areas where you spritzed it and this will help dampen the intensity.

6 Your Hair is Sliding out of Place

You went to all the trouble of creating that fabulous updo so don’t throw in the towel just because it doesn’t want to stay. First, figure out where the ‘do is sliding out. Then use two bobby pins crossed over each other to secure it back up. Choose pins that are as close to your hair color as possible so they are totally disguised.

7 You Look in the Mirror and There’s Lipstick on Your Teeth

Lipstick on your teeth certainly isn’t the end of the world, but it’s pretty embarrassing. Save face by simply wiping the color from your teeth. Then, from now on, apply your lipstick with your mouth closed to prevent it from getting on the inside of your lips, which makes it more likely that it’ll get on your teeth.

Which of these beauty blunders have you had to suffer through? What did you do?

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What pathetic and age old obvious tips you gave ! Thanks for nothing.

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