7 Valuable Pointers on How to save Money on Beauty Products ...


7 Valuable Pointers on How to save Money on Beauty Products ...
7 Valuable Pointers on How to save Money on Beauty Products ...

I don’t know about you ladies but I’m always eager to learn how to save money on beauty products! As much as I love and use makeup, a girl can use some help getting some discounts and deals! If you too are looking for ways to save some cash on your cosmetics, keep reading to see how I learned how to save money on beauty products!

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Join the Club

If you want to know how to save money on beauty products, you’ve got to sign up for beauty clubs and store cards! I know it might be a hassle but it’s well worth it! Signing up for these memberships allows you to get special discounts, freebies and they notify you in advance of sales and store events! Check out the beauty clubs at Sephora, Ulta, CVS, beauty supply stores and other stores specializing in beauty products!


Clip Coupons

If you frequently purchase drugstore makeup, you have to start clipping coupons! If a drugstore is having a sale on makeup, you can use coupons from the Sunday paper and get an additional savings on the sale price! Clipping coupons might sound like such a bother but it’s a super easy way to save money on makeup and get more for your money!


Email Call

Another tip on how to save money on beauty products is to sign up for emails from beauty brands. Big name beauty brands often have holiday or friends and family sales that you won’t know about unless you’re on their email list. You’ll also get notices of local events, previews of new products and special deals like free samples!


Try before You Buy

A good way to try out a variety of different beauty products while saving money is to try out samples. Ask for samples when you visit your local makeup counter or subscribe to a monthly beauty box to get your hands on deluxe-sized high end beauty products. You’ll get to try out brands that you normally wouldn’t buy and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you buy!


Shop Discount Stores

I’ve recently discovered that discount stores like Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s, Cosmetics Company Outlets and Ross stores carry quite a few beauty products at discount prices! They might not be fresh out of the factory makeup but if you’re looking for past season products that you can’t find in beauty stores anymore, this is a fab way to save money on makeup! Don’t worry, the makeup isn’t ancient, just past season.


Stock up

This next tip to save money on makeup might seem like a no-brainer but we really should take advantage of sales! The next time your favorite lotion, mascara or foundation goes on sale, stock up! You don’t have to get all extreme and start a makeup stockpile, especially since makeup doesn’t last forever, but it’s a great idea to stock up on frequently used items.


Shop Online

As much as I love browsing beauty stores, I actually prefer to shop for beauty products online. I’ll tell you why. When I shop for beauty products online, there are frequently gifts with purchase, free samples, special discounts and cash back deals through special sites. Check out sites like Ebates and ShopAtHome.com to get promo codes and a percentage of cash back on your purchases!

Being a beauty addict can be costly but there are lots of ways you can rack up the discounts and save money on high end and drugstore beauty products! I hope you try out some of the easy ways to save money on makeup! How do you save money on your beauty products?

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Rite aid will accept opened beauty product for store credit as well.

Sephora does exchanges I once bought 50$ foundation only to end up hating it And throwing it in the makeup reject box (my makeup that I don't like or barely use) I thought because I wore it a few times I was cursed but the bottle looked barely touched and I brought it to Sephora and exchanged it for store credit! How great is that. ? At drug stores however usually you open it and its yours forever so I google swatches of the products to see how they look on skin since there are no cvs testers and product reviews on my makeup alley app. Do research and keep receipts

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