7 Brilliant Ways to Build a Beauty Budget ...


7 Brilliant Ways to Build a Beauty Budget ...
7 Brilliant Ways to Build a Beauty Budget ...

With money as tight as it right now, who couldn’t use a few beauty budget tips to help stretch their dollar while still looking great?! I’ve never really thought about a beauty budget before, but it makes sense! It’s hard to have any extra money if you scrimp and save on pretty much every other area in your life but throw caution to the wind when it comes to makeup! Check out these 7 brilliant ways to build a beauty budget and get more beauty for your buck!

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Needs Vs. Wants

The very first task to tackle when you’re creating a budget for beauty products is to determine what you need, not want. I know, makeup companies always get us with super cute packaging and chic designs but if we don’t need it, we don’t want it-or at least tell yourself that. Make a list of all the things you use on the reg like skin care, cosmetics, hair care, etc. and weed out all the excess. Limit yourself to having only so many mascaras, lip products, scented lotions and eye shadow palettes at one time. If you already have a nice collection of them, toss out the old and don’t buy any new ones.


How Much do You Have?

Another thing to consider when you’re creating a budget for beauty products is to decide how much you can spare! Think about your sources of regular income and figure out how much you need towards your bills and how much of the leftover funds you can use towards beauty products. I know some of you might consider beauty products absolute essentials, but you don’t want an eviction notice as a result of your Crème de la Mer habit!


Lifespan of Beauty

Next up on beauty budget tips is to think about how often you need to replenish your beauty products. Do you use hairspray and lotion like there’s no tomorrow or do you stock up every few weeks? Thinking about how often you need something will also help you to create a budget that you can stick to. I know it can be hard to get an exact date of when you’ll need something again, but just take a guess or start recording what your purchasing habits are like now for future reference. It won’t be a complete catastrophe if you under or over guesstimate, promise! You just want to get a general idea of what your beauty habits are like!


Reconsider Products

This next tip for beauty on a budget asks that you take a good hard look at the products you’re currently using and decide whether they’re working for you or not. If you haven’t used a particular lipstick, eye shadow or eye liner in months, you might want to reconsider whether you should buy that product or the same color again in the future. You’ll also want to consider tossing it too since it’s been so long since you last used it! Plus, less products to buy means more money towards other things you will use!


Check out Options

After you’ve reconsidered your past purchases, the next step in creating a budget for beauty products is to check out your options. Do you really need high-end eye makeup remover or super duper expensive lip balm? You can still have your favorite products, I’m not saying ditch all of your regular products for bargain beauty products, but it doesn’t hurt to save where you can! Check out beauty blogs and sites for dupes on your favorite colors or try making the switch to lower cost items.


Avoid Temptation

If you’re really serious about sticking to these budget beauty tips and want to save, you might want to avoid getting sale emails or ads in the mail. I know you don’t want to stop getting them forever, but getting flash sale emails and sale ads isn’t exactly helpful for you if you’re trying to cut back on costs! Those ads make everything look so bright, happy and new and it’s hard to resist the temptation to go out and look at them or online window shop. Think about not opening these emails and stashing those ads for later!


Think Twice

I know many beauty budget tips suggest that you go for low-cost products but I say, cheap isn’t always the way to go! Just like something expensive doesn’t guarantee that you’ll love the product, cheap doesn’t mean it’s any better! Never buy anything based only on the price and try and get samples or choose a store with a good return policy if you’re going to try out drugstore brands. If you buy a bunch of inexpensive products that just end up collecting dust, you’ll end up spending more than you intended in the end! Be choosy and don’t assume cheaper is better!

These beauty budget tips can help you to track and be more conscious of your beauty expenditures. If you want to curb your spending habits and stop spending so much on products you don’t use, try these tips out! Budgeting your beauty expenses can help you save and you’ll also have so much more room in your bathroom and vanity! Do you have a beauty budget? How do you keep your beauty spending down?

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