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Different Waters That Hydrate and Boost Your Beauty ...

By Neecey

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is one of the basic rules of health. Everyone should be chugging down at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your body and mind fully functional. But yes, water can seem boring. Which is why we add lemon or other fruit or even reach for a diet soda instead. But not all water is created equal so, if I told you that there are some waters that have extra benefits - namely for your beauty - wouldn't you want to drink them? You can stay hydrated, keep healthy and look more beautiful, Win, Win, Win.

1 Cactus Water

Cactus WaterMade from juice extracted from the fruit of wild growing prickly pear cacti, cactus water is your new friend for showing your complexion some love. Containing five naturally occurring essential electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and sodium, cactus water hydrates and revives your skin. Another win is that it is lower in sugar than most coconut and aloe juice drinks. Like any processed drink, please ensure you choose a "not from concentrate" product.
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2 Watermelon Water

Watermelon WaterWhat's better than a juicy ice cold piece of watermelon on the summer? Well you can get the same great benefits from watermelon water. It has the same electrolytes as sports drinks and coconut water, plus a major hit of potassium. It helps rejuvenate your cells and speeds recovery after a workout and it also improves digestion.
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3 Maple Water

Maple WaterYes, this is made from the same stuff that gets turned into that gooey syrup we love on pancakes and bacon. But this is the pure refreshing sap collected from maple trees in Vermont, in the spring, before it gets a sugary makeover. It is low in calories and contains 46 naturally occurring minerals and phytonutrients. And the sugar content? It's half that of most coconut waters.
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4 Coconut Water

Coconut WaterAlthough I have been mentioning that other beauty waters on this list contain less sugar than coconut water, don't let that put you off coconut water. Overall, its sugar content is low and it's good sugar. Plus the other benefits of the juice extracted from fresh, young, green coconuts far outweigh the insignificant amount of sugar. Hydrating and packed with electrolytes, put some in your fridge. It's the most accessible of beauty waters too.
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5 Antiwater

AntiwaterThis drink is an enhancement of one of Mother's Nature's most precious gifts. Basic nano-filtered water is amped up with electrolytes (potassium citrate, sodium and selenium) to deliver a drink with a serious antioxidant hit as well as refreshing hydration. Enhancing your body's defenses will help with the anti-aging process.
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6 Sakara Beauty Water

Sakara Beauty WaterDescribed as an absolute treat for your body, you hope this delivers up to its name. Pure spring water is infused with rose oil and silica, delivering a drink that has many benefits including boosting metabolism and deep cellular hydration for a dewy, glowing complexion.
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7 Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera JuiceEvery girl who knows her beauty facts is aware of what a powerhouse aloe vera is for both internal and external use. With aloe water, you get all the fantastic benefits as well as the hydration. There are a lot of brands out there so look for organic aloe and the minimum of added ingredients. ideally, it should be one part aloe/four parts water.
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I've randomly selected products as examples. Many other brands are available in supermarkets, grocery stores, health food store, ethnic food stores, and online. Are you ready to enhance your hydration routine?

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