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80 Super-Easy DIY Beauty Treatments  for Girls Who Want to Look beyond Gorgeous  ...

By Lisa

This desi beauty vlogger is the reigning queen of DIY beauty! @farahdhukai is a genius when it comes to finding unique ways to incorporate everyday items and turning them into magical beauty tools! If you've ever caught one of her IG videos, then you know she's super crafty and creative and there isn't a beauty dilemma she isn't willing to tackle. Check out some of our favorite vids!

1 The Very Best Hair and Face Mask

2 Who Needs False Lashes?!

3 Fight Hair Fallout Herbal Tea Rinse

4 Pepto Pore Treatment

5 Turmeric Teeth Whitening

6 Mayo Hair Mask

7 Ginger Hair Regrowth Treatment

8 All Natural Acne Treatment

9 Lighten Acne Marks

10 Brighten and Tighten Skin

11 Braided Bun Tutorial

12 Listerine Dandruff Spray

13 DIY Botox!

14 Farsali Rose Gold Exlixir Makeup Tutorial

15 Ombre Matte Lip Tutorial

16 Great Skin Green Tea Mask

17 DIY Metallic Black Lip Gloss

18 Matte Lip Tutorial

19 Conceal and Contour How-to

20 Natural Deodorant Using Lime!

21 Lilly Singh Lip Gloss

22 Pore Cleansing Charcoal Mask

23 Papaya Deep Conditioner

24 DIY Brow Definer

25 Potato Eye Mask

26 Flawless Shimmery Wine Lip

27 DIY Pore Strip

28 Scalp Mask for Gorgeous Hair

29 DIY Facial Hair Remover

30 Blowout How-to

31 Bad Breath Cure

32 Cut Your Own Layers!

33 Glitter Roots!!

34 Sexy Shimmery Lips

35 Full Face Using Highlighters

36 Fight Acne with Diaper Rash Cream

37 Beautiful Skin Mask

38 Dramatic Eyes Tutorial

39 Matte Lips Using Kylie Lip Kit

40 Milani Lip Gloss Try on

41 DIY Lip Exfoliant and Plumper

42 Full Face Makeup Tutorial

43 Braided Half-up Hairdo

44 DIY No Sew Choker

45 Double Braids

46 NYX Lippie Try on

47 Boxer Braids

48 Get Rid of Dark Circles DIY

49 Quick Makeup Tutorial

50 Full Brows How to

51 Fierce Red Lip

52 Nude Lips

53 French Braids

54 Side Braids

55 Silky Hair Deep Conditioner

56 Color Correction and Contour

57 Glitter Freckles

58 Concealing Acne

59 Full Face Color Correction

60 Voluminous Half up Hairdo

61 Grow Eyebrows Fast with Onion

62 Cat Eyes and Deep Red Lips

63 2 Side Braids

64 Rihanna Inspired Makeup

65 Bronzy Makeup

66 Double Side Braids

67 Smoky Eyes

68 Half Braided, Half Curled

69 Baked and Bronzed

70 More Color Correcting and Concealing

71 Twisted Bun

72 Rose Gold Makeup

73 Shimmery Makeup

74 Soft Makeup Look

75 Bouncy Beach Waves

76 Romantic Waves

77 Glowing Gorgeous Makeup

78 Orange Lips

79 Brown Glossy Lips

80 Pale Pink and Black Smoky Eyes

Will you try any of these DIYs or makeup looks? I honestly want to try each and every beauty DIY. I love discovering new and inexpensive ways to pamper myself!

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