Use a Q-Tip for These 7 Fast Beauty Fixes ...


Use a Q-Tip for These 7 Fast Beauty Fixes ...
Use a Q-Tip for These 7 Fast Beauty Fixes ...

Cotton swabs, also known as Q-tips, are affordable and easy to find. On top of that, you can use them for so many, many purposes in your beauty routine. You shouldn’t use them to clean out your ears because that’s dangerous. However, you can use these magical little tools for a wide variety of ways in your beauty routine. These ideas are totally going to revolutionize your beauty routine. You’re welcome.

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Touch up Your Roots

Touch up Your Roots Got some roots showing, but you can’t get in to see your stylist for a few days? Grab yourself a Q-tip and get to work. Dip the swab in eyeshadow that matches the hair color you want and dab it along the roots to mask the color that’s growing out. This isn’t a permanent fix, but it’s great for a few days until you can get a slot at the salon.


Curl Your Eyelashes

Curl Your Eyelashes When you curl your eyelashes, you open up your peepers and make yourself look wide awake and ready to go. Apply a couple coats of mascara and then apply upward pressure along the edges of your lids, giving your lashes the lift you need. This is a great way to get curl on the go if you left your lash curler at home.


Fix Smudged Nail Polish

Fix Smudged Nail Polish I hate when I paint my nails and then they get smudged up. Luckily, if you have some Q-tips at home, you don’t have to start from scratch. Use a cotton swab to gently remove the messed up polish and then repair the damage with a couple coats of the same color you used before. No one will be able to tell and neither will you. Perfect!


Zap a Pimple in Minutes

Zap a Pimple in Minutes In general I don’t recommend popping pimples, but I also know the allure of getting rid of one that is really bothering me. If you’re going to pop, make sure you do so safely. Start by washing your face with warm water and allowing it to dry. Then, take two Q-tips and gently press them against the zit from opposite directions. Follow up with a pimple cream to prevent germs and bacteria from giving you an infection.


Get the Perfect Smoky Eye

Get the Perfect Smoky Eye Don’t you just love how great a smoky eye can look? It’s hard to get it just right, but a Q-tip can make it so much easier. Start by gently pulling on the swab to loosen the cotton a little bit. Then dab it in your shadow color and run it along your lash line and up into the crease until you have the look you’ve been wanting.


Whiten Your Teeth with Ease

Whiten Your Teeth with Ease White teeth are often equated with health and beauty so if yours have gotten a bit yellow, it’s probably time to do some damage control. First, combine baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and toothpaste and apply the mixture to your teeth using a Q-tip. Allow it to work its magic for a few minutes before rinsing. Do this on a regular basis and you should have the pearly whites that make everyone else jealous.


Take Your Scent on the Go

Take Your Scent on the Go If you hate how your perfume fades by the end of the day, you can recharge your lovely smell by soaking your Q-tips in your favorite perfume and stashing them in a zip top sandwich bag. When you need a good dose of scent, pull one out and dab it on your wrists and neck. Easy, right?

How do you use Q-tips? Will you try any of these suggestions?

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