Add These Things to Your Bath to Supercharge Your Beauty ...


Add These Things  to Your Bath to Supercharge Your Beauty ...
Add These Things  to Your Bath to Supercharge Your Beauty ...

Taking a bath can be so much more than just a way to get clean. You can also relax, relieve stress and let the worries of the day slip away. Turns out you can also do wonders for your beauty routine simply by soaking in the bath. What you toss into the tub determines the benefits so you can mix and match the options to satisfy the needs of your skin. Here are some wonderful things you can add to your bath water next time you need a dose of beauty and relaxation.

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Honey Will Soften Your Skin

clothing, face, bridal accessory, cap, head, There are loads of great things you can do with honey besides drizzling it on a peanut butter sandwich. Put a few scoops of honey into your bath water and you’ll have softer skin in no time. Honey is packed with antioxidants, which infuse your skin with all their benefits. That includes softening your skin and preventing dryness. Plus, it smells really good too!


Calm Skin Woes with Some Milk in the Tub

face, hair, eyebrow, person, beauty, Milk is easy to come by and super easy to add to your bath water. Using it in your tub can help soothe inflammation that causes breakouts, redness and other issues I know you don’t want to deal with. A few cups is all it takes to reap the rewards. Use whatever milk you have handy.


Look Years Younger with Green Tea

flower, plant, petal, pattern, leg, Is there anything green tea can’t do for you? Green tea has tons and tons of antioxidants, which means it fights free radical damage. Free radicals do all sorts of damage to your skin from wrinkles to age spots to skin cancer. By fighting off the cellular changes that lead to these issues, you can stay looking young, no matter how old you really are. Perfect!


Get Ultra Hydration by Adding Olive Oil to Your Bath Water

hair, face, clothing, person, nose, Olive oil, like many other oils, can really hydrate your skin. It soaks in and adds moisture where you need it most. When you have really dry, tight skin, tossing a cup or so of olive oil in your bath can really reverse the issue. It’s so easy to do and you will absolutely love how smooth and refreshed your skin feels after an olive oil bath.


Shrink Your Pores with Lemon Juice

hair, human hair color, face, blond, hairstyle, There is some debate about whether you can actually shrink your pores, but you can definitely help them stay tight and closed. When you get junk in your pores, you are almost guaranteed to have a breakout soon after. If you want to limit what can get into your pores, try adding the juice of a lemon to your warm bath water. Lemons are super cheap and way more affordable than shelling out the big bucks at the spa to get the same results.

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Baking Soda Can Relieve Irritated Skin in No Time

room, product, furniture, bed sheet, bed, Baking soda is good for so many things and getting better skin is just one of them. When you add a healthy dose of baking soda into your bath water, you can relieve the irritation that comes from exposure to environmental toxins, beauty products and other stuff. It’s super easy to do and you’ll love how it works.


You’ll Never Suffer from Another Rash with Cinnamon

clothing, undergarment, lingerie, leg, black hair, Got a rash going on? Nothing could be worse, am I right? A few dashes of cinnamon in your tub can help get rid of the rash itself, as well as the unpleasant symptoms that go with it. That includes itching and pain. Cool, right?


De-Stress with a Little Lavender

purple, blue, flower, violet, lilac, Feeling super stressed out or even just a bit tense? Adding a little lavender to your next bath will help reduce inflammation of stiff, tired muscles, taking some of that stress away! As a result you'll also feel a lot more relaxed, calm and at ease. Simply fill a tea bag with dried lavender or put a few drops of lavender essential oil into your running bath.


Get Going with Ginger

clothing, red, image, beauty, leg, Suffering from a cold or flu? Adding a bit of ginger to your bath will get you well on the road to recovery! This is because the natural anti bacterial properties in ginger will help sweat out both colds and flues, plus it will ease any sore muscles and eliminate toxins from the body. For this one simply add one tablespoon of fresh, chopped ginger while the bath is running.


Sooth Skin with Milk

white, image, shape, design, plumbing fixture, Spent a bit too long in the sun lately? Or maybe you want to try something soothing for a burn or your skin in general? A milk bath is the answer to all of the above! The lactic acid it contains is known for softening skin that will leave it noticeably smoother. It's best to use powered milk for this one, so simply add two cups of this to your bath and you're good to go!

What do you put in your bath? Which of these things will you try tonight?

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Lavender !

Love using stuff from the fridge and pantry for bath time! These are all awesome suggestions:)

Awesome !!! Tq :)

I'll start adding them for sure :)


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