Wonderful Ways to Enhance Your Feminine Traits ...

By Neecey

Wonderful Ways to Enhance Your Feminine Traits ...

Feminine qualities are an essential part of women’s nature – even tomboys have a softer side. Your femininity is a valuable ally in the pursuit of love, health and happiness and shouldn’t be disregarded as being insignificant. And let’s not get this wrong – this isn’t about being anti-feminist or turning yourself into the “little woman tied to the sink”. This is about enhancing and taking advantage of one of your greatest assets as a woman – your femininity.

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1 Think about How You Dress

Think about How You Dress One of the easiest ways to be more feminine is to simply stick to items of clothing that are specifically tailored and designed for the female figure. It sounds obvious, but there has definitely been a trend towards more masculine and androgynous clothing in the fashion industry of late, and some of those garments can have the effect of reducing the impact of parts of your body that emphasize your femininity. If you want to enhance your natural goods, then stick to female oriented designs and cuts! If you want to wear a power suit, soften it with a scarf or accessories.

2 Train Your Voice

Train Your Voice It might seem like a silly thing to concern yourself with, but you would be surprised as just how much the tone of your voice and the vocabulary that you used can effect someone’s perception of your femininity. I’m not talking about practicing to have the voice of an angel, but several different research studies have shown to prove that an extended, educated vocabulary along with a slightly higher pitched voice is the feminine ideal.

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3 Stay in Touch with Yourself

Stay in Touch with Yourself It’s important to be able to stay in touch, mentally, with your own thoughts and feelings so that you can be happy and at peace with yourself on the inside. The thought behind this is that the more content and peaceful you are internally, the more elegant and graceful you will come across as to others externally. On a purely physical note, inner tension can lead to muscle tension, which in turn might hamper your ability to be elegant.

4 Communicate with Other Women

Communicate with Other Women Have you ever thought that there might be a direct correlation between the fact that girls who class themselves as tomboys seem to surround themselves with more male friends than female friends? The thought behind this is that feminine behavior evokes feminine behavior, just as masculine behavior evokes masculine behavior, therefore there might be a lot to be learned from surrounding oneself with the kind of people whose behavior you would like to emulate.

5 Don’t Take on Too Much

Don’t Take on Too Much It’s no surprise that taking on too many pressures and responsibilities in an emotional sense can have consequences on the physical self. The lighter your mind is, the happier and more free you will feel both in a psychological and physical sense, and spiritual energy is really important when it comes to being able to be your feminine best. Grace and elegance are hard to keep up sometimes, so you need as much inner strength as possible!

6 Be Multi-Sided

Be Multi-Sided You can enhance each and every part of your femininity by not closing off certain parts of yourself because you think it’s the right thing to do. Sure, being graceful and elegant is definitely one side of femininity, but being sassy and sexy is another, just as valid side too! Keep yourself open on all sides and your femininity will have options and occasions to show itself.

7 Clean House and Mind

Clean House and Mind I think we have pretty much covered the idea that a clean and clear mind helps towards showing your femininity, but this cleanliness also goes for your housekeeping skills as well! The general thought is that somebody who lives like a slob is going to end up acting like one too, so keep your living area nice and tidy and this calm, clean atmosphere will filter through to your thoughts and actions too!

8 Indulge Your SensEs

person, nose, photography, finger, sense, Sensuality is all part of being an alluring woman. When you're in tune with your other senses, you typically become increasingly more attractive to men. However, in today's society, sensuality isn't really there for people because the senses are so polluted from outside factors-pollution, noise, high energy lifestyle. Men love sensual women because it turns them on, so allow yourself to be more sensual by tuning into your senses with pleasant smells, tastes, sounds, and sights which will bring the touch aspect heightened.

9 Be Good to Yourself

hand, Part of being feminine is all about how you feel about yourself. If you eat right, exercise, and just typically take care of yourself, you'll feel better about you. Having this feel good feeling will put a bounce in your step and have you looking and feeling more feminine and strong in no time!

10 Empower Yourself

hair, blond, mouth, muscle, finger, This is probably the most important. To be feminine, you need to not view it as a weakness. You can be strong and independent while still giving into your carnal desires or boosting your ego by writing all your positive traits. Empowering yourself will have you feeling strong, sexy, and powerful!

Being more feminine doesn’t make you weak or less of a modern woman. It makes you strong because you know you have great personal tools and you know how to make the best of them.

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