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7 Ways to Give Yourself a Summer Makeover ...

By Rabail

Is there a better time than summer for a makeover? Check out guest contributor Rabail's tips for a summer makeover!

Summer is a wonderful time to give yourself a makeover. There isn't any school and the days are longer so you have more time to devote to your self. Following these tips can help you surprise everyone once school starts in the fall.

1 Get in Shape

Get in ShapeSummer is a great time to get fit, because of the days being longer you dont have to worry about squeezing in a workout. You should start with a cardio excerise to get you heart rate up like running, jogging, or since it's the summer swimming.

2 Eat Right

Eat RightIn the summer there are a lot of great healthy fruits and vegetables that are in season. Eating right also keeps you full longer so you have more enegry overall. Remember not to start a diet unless you have consulted with your doctor.


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3 Drink More Water

Drink More WaterDrinking 8 glasses of water will help you stay hydrated and flush out bad toxins from your body and also improves your skin.

4 Create a Skin Care Routine

Create a Skin Care RoutineYou may want to visit the dermatologist for an expert opinion on how to best treat your skin. As a general rule, you should cleanse, exfoliate, and then moisturize. You can buy these products from any drugstore.

5 Go Shopping

Go ShoppingChanging your style and finding new flattering clothes will increase your confidence and keep you up to date on the latest fashions.

6 Change Your Hair

Change Your HairGetting a haircut is a really fun way to change your style and is healthy for your hair too. You can also get your hair dyed. Ask the Hair stylist about what would look best on your hair.

7 Experiment with Makeup

Experiment with MakeupTry a new Mascara, or a bold new lip color.Have fun with it. You can even go to a make up store and get an expert opinion on the matter.

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