7 Incredible Ways to Look Exotic and Mysterious ...


7 Incredible Ways to Look Exotic and Mysterious ...
7 Incredible Ways to Look Exotic and Mysterious ...

I’ve always wondered how the women who become the "sexiest women alive" or Miss Universe manage to cut the chase for being beautiful, and one thing that occured to me is that, these women all have ways to look exotic and that’s appreciated. Looking exotic and mysterious is truly something society is becoming more and more appreciative of. If you don’t have an exotic and mysterious look already, here are just a few tips that I use in order to look exotic, check them out!

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Tan... Say What?

One of the first ways to look exotic is by having tan skin. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed what I have, but many of the women who are considered most beautiful and have titles of that sort are women with a bit of color. If you lay out in the sun for a few minutes, or even use the glowing self tanners, you can achieve a tanner look in no time.


Hello High Cheekbones

Another one of the incredible ways to look more exotic is by having high cheekbones. I already have high cheekbones, but when I do my makeup for special occasions I tend to enhance them. The easiest and most common way to accentuate cheekbones is by contouring while doing makeup. Contouring and highlighting are my favorite parts of doing my makeup. You should try it too!



One of my favorite ways to look exotic is by embracing curls and waves. Many people who look exotic embrace their natural curls. You should try embracing or creating your own. You can achieve the curls and waves in many different ways; one simple way is by braiding wet hair.


Curvy and Confident

Another one of the incredible ways to look exotic is by being curvy. If you have curves already then you have no worries. For those of us lacking in the curve department, like me, don’t worry changing your workout regime will add curves in no time. If you can, ask a trainer for help, and if you can’t do that, all I can tell you is "Drop It Like A Squat!"


Sultry and Steamy

Alright ladies, I have to let you know that sultry eyes are another one of my fabulous ways to look exotic. There’s something about beautiful eyes with dark make up that screams "catch me if you can" and we all know men love a good chase. The most simplistic smokey eye is perfect for achieving the sultry eye look.


Move Your Body Girl!

One of my favorite languages to speak is body language, and body language is one of the ways to look exotic. Many women who are considered exotic, either move in a slow seductive way or in at an incredibly fast pace, yet graceful way. Try speeding up or slowing down your motions and I guarantee you’ll be exotic and mysterious in no time.


Shine Bright

Of all the ways to look exotic, my favorite is glowing skin. Many women that look remotely exotic have gorgeous skin. From Brazilian to African, exotic women have a natural glow to their skin that can be acquired from hydrating properly, eating properly, and loving their skin properly. I recommend living a healthy lifestyle in order to get healthy glowing skin.

These tips are just a few that I ritually rely on when I want to look more exotic. I definitely pride myself on having glowing skin and curly hair the most, yet one thing that exotic women exude is confidence and comfort in who they are and what they have. Be yourself, love yourself, become exotic in your own way, and everyone else will follow. Are there any tips that you could recommend? Let me know!

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Ahh! I wish I had high cheek bones!

For girls who are flat chested I have the solution : massage your breast twice or three times a day with olive oil & BAAAM after 2 or 4 weeks your breast is going to jump from your shirt ;-)

Curves!!!.. Hurra for the CURVES on a women!!!

Drop it like a squat killed me.

Love this article! Exotic is amazing!

Ashwariya rai!

Lovely...different is always beautiful .

So basically, just be black. ^_^

Ashwariya rai? Am I right?

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