Debunking Beauty: What the Last Generation Got Wrong about It All ...


Your mom has given you loads of advice through the years, most of it good, but some of it not so great. I find that my mom is generally right about things, even if it takes me some time to realize it. However, we can all disregard some of the beauty tricks and tips we’ve been taught by the previous generations. In fact, some of them aren’t a good idea at all. Here is some beauty advice you can completely ignore.

1. You Should Be Eating Lots of Cream

You Should Be Eating Lots of Cream

I’m taking heavy cream used in cooking here. In the 1940s, it was recommend to eat lots of cream for healthy skin and hair. We’ve since discovered that too much fat can lead to weight gain and skin issues. I’m not saying give up the cream altogether, but you can forget the advice that says “lean heavily on cream.” A low-fat, low-calorie diet that includes healthy sources of dairy is a much better idea.

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