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During college, you’ll probably get much more familiar with “#thestruggle” which means the necessities you’re used to will become luxuries. To save money on those necessities, like makeup, follow these brilliant beauty tips, certain to help college students everywhere!

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You Can Survive without Half of the Supplies in Your Makeup Bag

Hidden truth: not everything is as necessary as YouTubers make it seem. For example, you can survive without primers, setting powder, even brushes! To save money and time as a college student, cut down your makeup supply to the bare minimum. So what are the real essentials? It’s ultimately up to you, but I would stick to mascara, eyeliner, blush, and a small variety of lipsticks and eyeshadows. You’ll be amazed with what you can accomplish with just that!


Less is More

The college culture doesn’t often demand that you wear makeup. Overdoing your makeup can convey that you care more about looking good than studying—an unfair judgement, but a judgement nonetheless. That’s why wearing less makeup can often serve to help you! Plus, at this time in your life, you don’t really need makeup, because you’re still young; all you need is a little something to amplify your natural beauty.


Shop at Target

Maybe you were raised to have expensive taste, but that can’t last in college! Brands like Chanel, Dior, and YSL are all fine and dandy to use if you have the money, but considering the financial situation most college students are in, I recommend shopping elsewhere for the next four years. Target products are the same quality as brand names, but have a much smaller price tag! So sacrifice reputation for practicality and you’ll be one happy shopper!


Sharing is Caring

There are roommates in college for a reason, right? If you share with your roommates, you can both maximize your products and minimize your spending. For example, if you buy a gold eyeshadow and she buys a silver, you can trade and share as needed so that you spend less money but both get two products! Make sure neither of you becomes a mooch, though; exchange equally so that it’s a win-win for both of you! Also, be very careful to use new swab or applicators each time, to minimize your risk or pinkeye.


Give Your Face a Break

After years of wearing makeup, your face deserves a break! Let your skin recuperate from all of the foundation you caked on during periods of bad acne back in high school. After you do, I promise your skin will thank you and begin clearing up!


Make Your Own Skin Care on DIY Days

Get your roommates together to have DIY days when you make homemade face masks, hair masks, and other beauty products. It will be a fun way to bond, be better for your skin and hair, and help you save money!


Be Aware of Tips and Tricks

There are so many tips and tricks to help ensure that your makeup lasts longer and works more effectively. For example, when you notice your mascara is running low, squeeze a few eyedrops in and it will be good for a few more uses!

See, looking fabulous in college doesn’t have to be expensive or impossible! What other beauty tips do you have for college students?

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Never EVER share makeup unless you're going to sanitize it after every use. Don't put drops in your mascara to make it last longer, that's adding bacteria to an already so full of bacteria tube that it's dried itself out. Throw it away. Drugstore mascara are like 2$. Not worth the infection. Drugstore brands are not always equal to higher end brands. Some ingredients are more expensive. Like very pale or very dark foundations, the more pigment they put in the more it costs so drugstores often have sheer to buildable coverage in middle of the color scheme shades. If you want to buy higher end, than do it. Save in other ways like bike to class/work/whatecer instead of drive, buy cheaper or thrift shop for clothes, make you're own jewelry if you need it etc. Don't risk your skin and eyes to infection by listening to these tips though.

@ target clearance racks is hella cheap sometimes ;-)

Number 4 is really bad some girl got a rash in my school for sharing makeup

I disagree. Makeup primers are important

And you should absolutely NOT share makeup!

Don't share shavers or razors either! I got a nasty staph infection from a razor shaving my armpits. You can die or have amputations from these infextions

Wtf target is hella expensive clothes-wise. Shopping at second hand stores would have been a better suggestion

Do not follow #4!! Sharing makeup is a very bad idea! It leads to transfer of bacteria and can lead to skin infections.

For a hint of color, I wear tinted moisturizer, rosy glow a highligher/blush duo tiny bit of bronzer, mascara eyeliner, brow liner, lipstick and lip gloss to give an extra sparkle. A natural and polished look is suitable for college.

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