How Often Should You do Home Beauty Treatments?

By Neecey

How Often Should You do Home Beauty Treatments?

Did you know that the success of a product or process in making you look beautiful is not just about the ingredients, it's about suitability for your skin or hair type and how you apply it? It’s also about how often you apply it or do it. So what are the recommendations?

1 Treat Your Feet to Some TLC with a Monthly Pedicure

It is generally recommended that you should do a full pedicure at least once a month. This will help to keep your feet in the best possible condition. In the time between full pedicures, you can always make the effort to maintain the good condition and soft skin by using a hydrating foot mask or a gritty, textured foot scrub to fight against rough skin and calluses.

2 Get the Best Results Using a Hair Mask Twice a Month

Whether you are consciously trying to grow your hair or are simply seeking to maintain its current length and condition, a deep conditioning hair mask is recommended to be a twice-monthly activity. Making this a once a fortnight regular rotation will go a long way to helping prevent unwanted split ends and will work to restore and maintain the shine and softness that you want from your hair.

3 You Can do a Face Peel Weekly

Those of you who are really into the upkeep of your facial skin should be aiming to apply a face peel once every week. Whereas a facemask is generally intended to rehydrate your face, a face peel, which is different, does the effective job of ridding your face of all of the dead skin that can build up over a short period of time. It is perfectly safe to do this once a week, but consider using a gentler formula for such regular use.

4 Do Not Exfoliate Too Much

The general consensus is that exfoliating – face and body –should be a part of your beauty regime that you undertake between one and two times per week depending on personal preference. A good quality, gritty face scrub will help to encourage a healthy turnover of skin cells and will prevent a buildup of external grime in your pores. It is important to remember that face peels also involve an element of exfoliation, so don’t double up on these treatments as it may be too much for your skin.

5 Relax and Beautify with a Regular Face Mask

Different to a more intense face peel, a face mask is a more relaxing, less invasive process that can be enjoyed up to two times a week. Face masks are fantastic for treating acne prone skin and will work to clear and hydrate your pores. For the best face mask experiences, look for masks with beta or alpha hydroxy acids like lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid.

6 Apply Essential Oil – Daily – at Night Time

It is universally agreed that moisturizing with the night oil of your choice should be something that is done on a daily basis. An overnight, antioxidant infused night oil is a fantastic practice to undertake to repair your skin while you sleep and prevent further damage. For even more hydration, you can always layer the night oil underneath your favorite normal moisturizer.

7 Manicures Are the Most Flexible Beauty Treatment

How often you get a manicure really depends on the extent of your daily routine and how quickly your nails grow. Going by average calculations, a manicure is usually recommended once every three weeks. During the in-between time, you can always do your best to maintain your nails by using good quality cuticle creams and a nail file in appropriate places.

Have you been doing more or less than the recommended? Will you change your routine?

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Yes looking after yourself as great. I haven't done a face peel for like forever. I should give it a gander one of these days.


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