7 Harmful Beauty and Hygiene Products Women Used in the past ...


Harmful beauty and hygiene products were pretty much a standard occurrence in a pre-FDA world. The lack of control, standards and testing made it easy for any money-grubbing quack to mix up a dangerous concoction, get his ads published in the most prominent of magazines, grab the money and run as soon as the complaints started rolling in. A lot of people believe products had been much safer before all these new age fancy chemicals when, in fact, many people had to suffer so rules could be made. Think we have it bad? Take a look at all of these super harmful beauty and hygiene products our grandmas had to deal with:

1. Lysol as Intimate Hygiene Product

Allow me to present Lysol, one of the most harmful beauty and hygiene products forced on us by the media. But wait, Lysol, isn’t that the stuff people use to disinfect their toilet? Well, you’ve got that right only, but that’s not what they used it for back in late 1920s and well into the 1940s! That very same Lysol you scrub your floors with today was being marketed as, and I paraphrase, “a completely safe feminine hygiene product that will save your marriage bliss!” It doubled as birth control too and you just had to wash your privates with it because if you didn’t, you’d be a bad wife to your poor loving husband.

Rely Tampons
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