7 Great Beauty Tips You Can't Live without ...

I’m here to share some super easy beauty tips that are going to change your life. Beauty doesn’t have to take hours every day or be so hard that you can’t figure out the right technique. I don’t have a stylist or anything like that, but I do have years of experience trying new things that have worked for me. So if you want some new beauty tips, read on for my greatest suggestions. Let me know what you think!

1. Curl before Mascara

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One of my best beauty tips is to curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara. I know that some people say the curl holds better after, but to me it just means a messy eyelash curler that I’m constantly having to clean. Instead, I start at the base of my lashes and squeeze them three times, gradually moving toward the tips. Then I put on two coats of mascara. My lashes stay curled and lush all day long, I promise. And my eyelash curler isn’t crusted with dried mascara.

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