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There are loads of French beauty tips that I highly suggest adding to your routine. After all, the French epitomize beautiful, so why not copycat what they do? You can do this in your own home without ever having to set foot in France. The French have a different approach to life than we do here in America and my time in France helped me realize that they get a lot of things right. Try these French beauty tips and let me know how they work out for you.

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Wear Perfume

France boasts many perfumeries and they are really fun to tour, even though perfume gives me a headache. One of the easiest French beauty tips is to spritz on a bit of scent every day. I opt for body splash rather than perfume, but either is perfect for making you feel more French. Fruity and flowery scents are both perfect and are top choices across the ocean. Test perfume before buying so you can be sure you’re getting something that you love.


Don’t Show Too Much

The French are known for their sexy clothing, but they also know that they should never show more than necessary. So if you go for the short skirt, make sure your top covers the rest of you up. If you’re wearing pants, go ahead and wear something above that’s a bit more risqué. Unless of course you’re headed to the office. Even the French don’t expose too much at work.


Wear a Facial Mask

French ladies are all about pampering themselves. So take the time to indulge in a weekly face mask and you’ll look and feel beautiful while also being relaxed. A face mask inundates your skin with good-for-you ingredients that soak in and uncover all that radiant, glowing skin. It can also plump your skin and keep you looking fresh and young. Pick up a face mask at the drugstore or book a facial at your favorite spa.


Don’t over Style Your Hair

Ever notice how the French women have slightly tousled, but still attractive hair? That’s because they don’t wash it every day and they don’t load it down with products and elaborate hairstyles. Do like they do and lay off the hair styling and washing and your hair will naturally be a bit messier, but beautiful all the same.


Eat Right

It’s true that the French don’t face the same obesity problem that we do here in America. That’s because they enjoy their meals in moderation. Instead of skipping the indulgent dinner, they have a bit of their favorites, then stop because they know that they’ll get to eat something yummy at their next meal. Copy that ideal and have smaller meals while being more active. You’ll be slim, trim and beautiful!



But do so subtly. Stay away from the current idea that loads of huge, chunky jewelry is hot. It might look good on some people, but if you’re striving for a French look, keep things in moderation. That means wear a statement necklace, but go understated with your earrings and bracelets. By wearing minimal jewelry, you can dress up your look while also letting your best assets shine through.


Boost Your Self-Confidence

Easier said than done, I know. But, spending time with the French makes it clear that they are much more confident than we Americans are. Try to highlight what you like best about yourself and take compliments when you get them. These simple things can leave you feeling great about your looks in no time. Making the effort to look your best anytime you go out is another easy way to give yourself confidence, especially if you run into someone you want to impress.

Aren’t the French beautiful? Which of these tips will you try first?

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Wow :)

I love this!!! All of them!! I'm going to boost my confidence. ;) xoxo

I think that also french know how to rock frizzy hair. I love that

I love it

Awesome! I love the French it's great

I am french, and I gotta say u nailed it

I've actually been doing number 4 for a month now as a break from styling tools. I work a little Living Proof 'Perfect Hair Day' styling cream in and let it air dry. I get soft waves and minimal frizz (my hair is fine and thin)

I looove this article! Its everything i wanted to hear. I think i do all of them but i should be more confident.

I think I'll follow all of these except hair now I do only wash my hair when needed but sense it's short I do have to style it

I'm French ! :) and everything is right ! I am not that self-confident but I'm working on it too :)

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