The Many Endless Ways ⏳ You Can Use Coconut Oil βš—οΈ for Beauty πŸ’‹ ...


Coconut oil is having a moment right now.

The reasons are many, but the best one is that it can do wonders for your skin, hair and health.

You probably hear about a new way to use it all the time.

This list will give you some of the top ideas for incorporating coconut oil into your beauty routine.

However, they aren’t the only ones so don’t be afraid to use it for other purposes if your doctor gives you the all clear.

In the meantime, try these fantastic ideas for a more beautiful you, starting right now.

1. Get Rid of Wrinkles

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Coconut oil hydrates skin, which can help combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dab just a bit around your eyes before bed and wake up looking refreshed and young.3

2. Remove Your Makeup

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Want something natural to get rid of your cosmetics at the end of the day?

Try using a swipe of coconut oil and say goodbye to mascara, eye shadow, liner, blush and foundation.


3. Heal Dry, Chapped Lips

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Nothing is worse than dry, cracked lips, but coconut oil might be the miracle you’ve been looking for.2

Use just a small dab on both lips and as the oil soaks in, it will hydrate and heal chapped lips.

4. Soothe Dry Skin

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You can rub coconut oil directly onto your skin to instantly hydrate and soothe it, but adding it to your bath can also help.

As you soak, the coconut oil will infuse your entire body with moisture for smooth, supple skin all the time.

5. Fight Body Odor

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If you’re a fan of natural beauty products, coconut oil can be a great alternative for traditional deodorant.

Apply the oil where needed and you should notice a dramatic reduction of body odor.

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