Flawlessly Transition into Fall with These Hot X Beauty Tips ...

By Lisa

Flawlessly Transition into Fall with These Hot X Beauty Tips ...

Changing seasons might not seem like it’s a big deal overall, but beauty-wise, there are certain steps we should take in order to ensure a smooth transition from summer to fall. The change in weather can really affect our skin and constantly being in an air-conditioned room or around the heater can also dry out our skin. Take the proper precautions now to help make things easier later when you’re busy enjoying all the fun things that fall has to offer!

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1 Use Richer Formulas

Lightweight formulas work well when you’re in the heat but once it starts getting colder, reach for richer, thicker formulas to shield your skin from the elements. This goes for facial moisturizers, hand and body lotion, and even lip balm if you feel the need. When you’re spending a lot of time outdoors it makes sense to go for a thin formula but you’ll definitely want to switch to a richer formula when it’s colder out to avoid dry, itchy skin.

2 Use a Gentle Cleanser

My combination skin tends to get pretty oily in the summer so I tend to use facial cleansers that’ll help combat the extra oil. In the fall and winter, however, I need to hold on to whatever natural oils I have left, so gentle is the way to go. Look for gentle, moisturizing cleansers that remove makeup and dirt without drying out your skin. If you use toner, make sure you use an alcohol-free formula.

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3 Try Some Different Colors and Textures

Switching from summer to fall makeup is one of the best parts of the transition if you ask me! It’s time to switch from bronze-y and shimmery shades to moodier colors that correspond with the new season. Dark, matte lips and smoked out eyes in deeper tones are sexy and reminiscent of fall fashion. If you have favorite colors that you just can’t give up, look for colors in a similar color family but in deeper hues.

4 Consider Changing Foundation Formulas

Another option to consider is to switch foundation and blush formula. If your skin is drier, you might want to use a cream or liquid foundation or blush instead of the powder formula you were using before. This can help disguise any dry patches of skin and make application smoother and easier. Also, don’t forget to look for SPF in foundation. Just because the sun’s out less often doesn’t mean we’re safe from sun damage.

5 Brighten up Skin with Scrubs

No matter what season we’re in, exfoliation is essential! The frequency might change but the fact that we need to help remove dead skin cells does not. Exfoliation also helps out with dull, lackluster skin that we might experience in the fall and winter and skin care and makeup always looks and goes on better on freshly scrubbed skin. The same goes for lips, make sure you take the time to scrub your lips before you apply that new, vampy lipstick.

6 Clarify and Hydrate Hair

If your summer style consisted of lots of salt spray, hair spray, and dry shampoo, it’s time to remove any build-up on your scalp and hair. All the hair products, sweat, and oil from the summer can linger and you want a fresh start for fall. Use clarifying shampoo around once a month to get rid of build-up at your roots. At the same time, you also want to ensure your ends are getting deep conditioned to fight dryness and damage. Try some deep conditioning masks weekly to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

7 Have Fun Trying New Products

Lastly, take advantage of the new season to try new things! Get a spicier perfume or body spray instead of the light floral scent you’ve been wearing. Ditch your white or nude nail polish for mushroom, smoky purple, or moss greens for your fingertips. Try something new or switch up some of your usual beauty routines to prepare yourself for the fall.

How do you prepare yourself for summer to fall? Please share your tips with us below!

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