7 Natural Ingredients to Add to Your Beauty Routine ...


Natural beauty ingredients can help bring out the naturally beautiful you.2

I personally do not like reading through the list on a product only to find a chemical that we frequently call dangerous in organic chemistry.

That scares me a bit.

I love knowing the ingredients in my products.

It helps me feel empowered.

Take a look at these natural beauty ingredients and see what you can try next.

1. Coconut Oil/Milk

Coconut Oil/Milk

Coconut oil is the first of the natural beauty ingredients because it is not only popular, but it also has so many uses!

I use coconut oil immediately after I shower to seal in the moisture of my skin.

It helps keep my skin super hydrated all day long, and you only need a really small amount.

I also use coconut oil in my hair.

Not only do is smell great, but it works to seal in moisture and keep my hair soft too.

The best thing about coconut oil is that the scent is easy to cover up if you want to wear a pretty perfume later on.

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