7 Shocking Oriental Beauty Ideals You Would Not Believe ...


Oriental culture is fascinating, donโ€™t you think? The architecture and way of life is interesting and the food is to die for. As with any culture, the people who live in Oriental regions have their own set of beauty ideals that may differ greatly from other parts of the world. While we might not understand them, the Oriental population have some shocking beauty ideals that you might not believe. Who are we to judge though? Here are some that you might understand and others that are probably going to blow your mind.

1. Face Shrinking

The Japanese people have invented a sauna mask that is designed to shrink the wearerโ€™s face. It works by covering the face, except for the eyes and ears. The idea is that the heat from the mask induces heavy sweating and reduces the size of the face. The results are likely temporary, but could give you the slim face you want for a special occasion.

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