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Beauty Tips to Follow for the Most Likes on Your IG ...

By Lisa

Like taking the perfect selfie, there is a certainly an art to taking the perfect photo on Instagram. Sure, you have filters and other fun features to play with but in order to capture yourself in the best light possible, there are few tried and true tips that the pros swear by. I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are plenty of makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and vloggers displaying their talents online and sharing their best beauty tips and secrets. So, I’ve gathered just a few of some of the most useful beauty tips and tricks via Instagram to share with you!

1 Add Oil to Your Makeup Brush

hair, human hair color, eyebrow, face, black hair, Having fairly oily skin myself, I rarely think about adding oil to beauty routine aside from a cleansing oil. However, if you have normal or dry skin and crave a dewy look, adding oil to your makeup brush could be just the ticket! Get some foundation on the brush, then add a drop of oil and apply it to your face as usual. You should see a soft glow to your complexion. You can also just add a small drop of oil to your foundation and mix it before you apply it if you don’t like the idea of adding oil directly on your brush.

2 Get Crafty with an Old Manicure

nail, face, finger, lip, beauty, Getting a fresh paint job on your nails can really amp up our look but the problem is the upkeep. I know I don’t always remember to get my nails repainted or touched up by a pro and finding the time can be really challenging. If you find yourself in dire need of a manicure but no time to hit the nail salon, try giving yourself a half-moon mani at the base of your nails, apply a topcoat, and you’re set.

3 Add Concealer or Foundation to Your Lips

Add Concealer or Foundation to Your Lips If you watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, you’ve probably seen a lot of beauty vloggers apply concealer around their freshly painted lips or around their eyebrows to get really clean lines. Well, did you know you can achieve the same effect by applying concealer or foundation straight to your lips? You’ll want to exfoliate your lips first, then apply a thin layer of your favorite concealer or foundation. Next, line the edge of your lips with a lip brush or pencil and fill in with lipstick.

4 Apply Blush before Your Foundation

Apply Blush before Your Foundation Applying your blush before your foundation might sound like crazy talk, but hear me out. The idea behind this is that applying your blush first will create a “lit from within” look that can’t be achieved when you apply blush on top of foundation. If you try this tip, you might need to choose a brighter color, but it’s a very pretty look!

5 Apply Primer All over

hair, human hair color, face, blond, black hair, If you want to ensure that ALL of your makeup stays put, apply primer all over your face and even onto your brows. We normally don’t think about applying a face primer anyplace besides our face, but this trick makes sure that any brow powder or color you apply will last all day. It makes sense if you think about it, we prime our face, lids, lips, and lashes so why not our brows?!

6 Pick the Right Red Lipstick

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, blond, Red lips are the perfect accessory whether it’s a night out or you just want to look polished for the day. If you’re a red lipstick lover, I’m sure you’re aware that there are many shades of red to choose from. The next time you’re picking out a red lipstick for yourself, keep these two tips in mind: choose a blue-based red to make teeth appear whiter and an orange-based red to make your tan pop.

7 Leave a Gap in Your Eyeliner

face, hair, eyebrow, black hair, cheek, If you wear eyeliner on your lash line and waterline, this tip is for you! If you want to make your eyes appear larger and who doesn’t don’t connect the lines from your lash line to your waterline. Leave a small gap at the end so your eyeliner isn’t connected. I can attest to the fact that connecting the two lines, in fact, makes your eyes look smaller as I’ve done it myself!

So there you have it, ladies. Some of the best beauty tips I’ve found on Instagram thus far. I’m sure there will be much more on the way and I can’t wait to share them with you. What’s the best beauty tip you’ve learned on Instagram?

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