Fool Proof πŸ’‘Tips to Look πŸ‘€ Prettier Instantly ⏱ for Girls Short on Time ...

If you're feeling frumpy, it only takes one minute to feel prettier. All you have to do is follow the advice that Good Housekeeping gives. Here are some of their simplest tips on how to improve your looks in 60 seconds:

1. Melt an Ice Cube over Your Face

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This will close and tighten your pores.

2. Rub a Banana Peel on Your Fine Lines

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Do this for about a minute, and then wash off your pretty face.

3. Massage the Nape of Your Neck

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Massaging your neck for one minute will loosen the muscles, relax you, and make your face look fresh.

4. Use Dry Shampoo at Night

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This will give the powder about eight hours to absorb, which means your hair will look fabulous by the time you wake up.

5. Dry-Brush Your Body

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Grab a body brush and use it to exfoliate your skin if you want to give yourself clearer skin.

6. Make Tea

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Tea that contains hibiscus will promote clearer skin and detoxify your cells.

7. Use Lipstick to Add Color to Your Cheeks

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If you're in a rush, simply swipe your favorite lipstick over your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

These small pieces of advice should instantly boost your confidence! Do you have any other helpful beauty tips that'll make a woman look prettier in under a minute?

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