How to Make Your "Resting Bitch Face" More Appealing ...


How to Make Your "Resting Bitch Face" More Appealing ...
How to Make Your "Resting Bitch Face" More Appealing ...

Unfortunately, some of us ladies have a problem with the way our faces look when we're just sitting in class or listening to someone speak. Even though we're not actually judgmental or standoffish, others will assume that we are based off of our facial expression. Well, it's time to finally put that issue to an end. Here's how to make your "resting bitch face" more appealing:

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Curve Your Eyebrows

Even though different face shapes look better with different types of brows, you should think about curving them at the end if you suffer from "resting bitch face." While angled brows can make your face look more harsh and intense, rounded brows can make you look softer and gentler.


Curving your eyebrows is an easy and effective way to make your "resting bitch face" more appealing. The shape of your eyebrows can have a big impact on your overall facial expression, and curved brows can make you look softer and more approachable. When it comes to eyebrow shaping, it's important to consider your face shape. Generally, rounder faces look better with angled brows, while oval faces look better with curved brows. However, everyone is different, so experiment to find the shape that works best for you.


Perform Facial Exercises

Don't believe that it's impossible to change the way that your face looks, because you actually can. If you take a few minutes each day to do facial exercises, you'll eventually see progress. Visit or to find facial exercises that will make your face look younger and your smile look brighter.


Smile when Your Eyes Meet Someone else's

Unfortunately, first impressions form fast. So if you're attending a job interview or eying a cute guy, remember to smile when you look at the other person. If you forget to do so, they could end up making snap judgements about you. Even though you could potentially get them to change their mind about you by letting them get to know you, they might not give you the time to change their mind if you create a bad first impression.


Tilt Your Head when You're Listening

Tilting your head can make you look more innocent and open. When someone is talking to you, tilt your head slightly in order to look like you're interested in what they have to say, instead of looking like you're judging everything they say. It's a simple trick that really works wonders.


Use Open Body Language

Even though your face might look judgmental, you can balance it out by using open body language. Avoid standing with your arms crossed or your shoulders slouched. Instead, you should lean in close when someone is talking, keep your back straight, and keep your elbows away from your body.


Use Makeup to Brighten Your Eyes

For some strange reason, bright eyes can make a person look nicer. That's why you should cover up the dark circles under your eyes with makeup, and then use a neutral eye pencil on your inner rims to brighten up your eyes. It also helps to use shimmery eyeshadows instead of sticking to bold, dark colors.


Don't Stare at Someone Straight on

When you make eye contact with someone, don't stare at them directly in their eyes during the entire conversation. You should alternate between looking at their eyes, their mouth, and their chin. That way, you'll both feel more comfortable, because direct eye contact can feel way too intense, especially when you've just met a person.

Even though it's wrong for others to judge you on your face, it can't hurt to follow these tips to appear more likable at first glance. After all, first impressions are incredibly important when it comes to your love life and career. Do you suffer from "resting bitch face?"

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I am always told I have a resting bitch face...@J it totally does keep guys at bay! Hahahaha.

I concur @Wendy lol

I have reached a point in my life where I'm comfortable with my face be it bitchy or not. Sometimes I have an intense expression and it can be intimidating,( so I've been told) but it keeps people on their toes, and my sole purpose in life isn't to turn people on. I'm myself and people can take it or leave it and I get by just fine.

Most of the time im making the bitch face in purpose bc ppl are so dumb

I have that bitch face and its doesn't bother me anymore, I try to smile though but it is there, was born this way can't change it hey.

I definitely think I have it too.

You learn everyday what is a resting bitch face??? Hahahha really?

Lmao I have the "bitch face" and I'm totally fine with it cause if a person is a gonna judge without getting to know me than to bad for them cause I can't help it

I completely agree with Kayla! Some people baffle the heck out of me and I can't even control the RBF.😂

Seriously? Some people just have that look and it's so rude how people just call it "the resting bitch face" I mean excuse me? They can smile if they want to but other that we have no right telling them what to do.

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