10 Beauty Commandments to Follow ...

By Lisa

10 Beauty Commandments to Follow ...

Ladies, I know we see and hear a whole lot of beauty tips and tricks on TV and magazines but I have something to share with you that trump all of those things combined-beauty commandments! Yes ma’am, there are actual beauty commandments in existence and I’m going to reveal these once elusive yet sensible principles of beauty that should never be broken! I think you’ll agree that these mandates have been put in place for a reason and you’ll probably find that you already follow many if not all of these codes of beauty and for that, I commend you!

1 Thou Shall Not Let Thy Makeup Wear Thou

I had to make this principle one of the top beauty commandments because it’s so important that you wear your makeup and not let it wear you! Have you ever encountered someone who was beautiful but her makeup stood out way more than her innate beauty? It happens to the best of us but luckily there is an easy fix! When dealing with makeup or fashion, always let your natural beauty and self stand out first and all the other things come in subsequently!

2 Thou Shall Always Use Sunscreen

This beauty command is a pretty obvious one but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overheard women saying that they only use sunscreen on super sunny days! Stop this madness and apply sunscreen like you would always apply deodorant. The sun is one of the main causes of the early signs aging and we are too cute for premature wrinkles so slather it on generously and liberally!

3 Thou Shall Try Thy Best Not to Pop Pimples

I know what it’s like to walk in front of a mirror, see a ripe zit and be sooo tempted to just pop it and go on with my day but, one of the most important beauty commandments on this list is to avoid popping zits! Yes I agree, they’re an ugly and unnecessary evil but you’ll most likely do more harm than good by touching or squeezing it so keep thy hands off thy face!

4 Thou Shall Get Enough Sleep Nightly

The National Sleep Foundation gives us the health and beauty commandment of getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Although the exact number of hours we need each night varies, we all need restful sleep in order to be in tip top physical and mental shape not to mention look our best too! Remember those bags and dark circles from those late night outs and early mornings? Yeah, we don’t want to get used to seeing those nuisances so listen to your body and get your sleep on!

5 Thou Shall Always Blend and Balance Thy Makeup

For me, putting on makeup is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a female so when it comes to applying makeup, following this beauty command will ensure a soft and natural look. Use whatever tools you feel most comfortable with when applying makeup whether it’s your fingers, a sponge or brush and blend makeup so you have no telltale lines or unevenness. Also, balance out your makeup by not overdoing any one or more parts of your face, keep it even and balanced to show off your natural beauty!

6 Thou Shall Maintain Thy Purity

This isn’t one of those beauty commandments that’s referring to how often you shower although I hope you practice that daily! This beauty commandment refers to keeping your beauty tools and applicators clean. It’s so easy to skip washing them and use them anyway when we’re in a rush but when we reuse soiled applicators, we’re just asking for trouble! Keep blemishes and bacteria far, far away from your face by cleaning your tools regularly!

7 Thou Shall Not Neglect Thy Skin

I bet you saw this beauty commandment coming from a mile away, don’t neglect your precious skin! Girls, we only have one face and we don’t want to compromise the integrity of our skin by mistreating or neglecting it! Always wash off makeup and for those ladies who like going sans makeup don’t forget to wash and moisturize your face!

8 Thou Shall Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is tantamount to maintaining your beauty so this beauty command asks that you take good care of your body in order to look and feel your best! You might not see an immediate connection between the two but if you keep up a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle long enough, you will definitely see changes in the way you look. Don’t take any chances with your health or beauty and do your best to eat healthy and exercise!

9 Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Friend’s Makeup

Similar to a couple of the beauty commandments declared earlier, keep it clean and no matter what new and magical new beauty product your friend has, don’t borrow it! Ok, if it’s brand new then go ahead but then your friend will have to use makeup with your cooties on it, so just get your very own. Don’t take the chance of spreading or catching any bacteria by using only your own makeup.

10 Thou Shall Not Masticate Excessively

Ok, so there’s obviously nothing wrong with chewing but if you’re also chewing your nails, lips and inside your cheeks in addition to chewing gum and eating-it’s not good! It can be a nervous habit or purely an involuntary thing and although there are very few serious illnesses that result in chewing those parts, it’s definitely not a pretty habit or a habit that enhances your beauty! Dentists recommend chewing gum, wearing flavored gloss to alert you of your habit or checking with your dentist to see if misalignment could be causing the biting/chewing and nip it in the bud!

Do you have any of your own beauty commandments that you’d add to this list? Have you ever broken any of these commandments? I know I’ve broken a few of these but I’ve definitely learned from my mistakes and try my darndest to follow these beauty commandments and help spread the word and educate my fellow woman!

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