10 Simple Solutions to Common Beauty Mistakes ...


10 Simple Solutions to Common Beauty Mistakes ...
10 Simple Solutions to Common Beauty Mistakes ...

There are tons of common beauty mistakes that we make on a regular basis! They’re frustrating and time-consuming to try to fix but there are some truly easy fixes that we didn’t even realize! I rounded up some of the best beauty fixes this side of Sephora to help us ladies nip these probs in the bud and move on with our day!

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Too Much Perfume

Here’s a common beauty mistake, have you ever gotten a little overzealous with the perfume bottle and doused yourself in a strong scent? What about trying on a perfume that you thought you’d like but it stinks? Well, if you have access to some rubbing alcohol or a facial cleansing wipe, you can quickly get rid of the stank with a quick swipe of alcohol. If you’re at work you can usually find pads or swabs in a first aid kit so no need to suffer in silence!


Smudged Eyeliner

Smudged eyeliner is another one of my most common beauty mistakes! As much as I love the look of eyeliner, I hate how it can quickly turn me into a raccoon! If you’re out and about and find yourself with smudge eyeliner, the best thing to do is obviously grab a tissue and gently wipe it. If this has happened to you on several occasions, tote some cotton swabs and makeup remover for a clean sweep!


Clumpy Mascara

Clumpy mascara can ruin an otherwise perfect eye makeup look but the good news is there’s a quick beauty fix to get rid of spider lashes! While I normally wouldn’t suggest using petroleum products, if you’re in a bind and you absolutely need to fix your eye makeup, rub some petroleum jelly on the lashes to separate and de-clump. If you’re not that excited to put petroleum jelly on your lashes (I don’t blame you), another option is to dab your lashes with eye makeup remover with a cotton swab and remove the clumps!


Smudged Pedicure

What can be more irritating than getting a nice pedicure only to commit the common beauty mistake of smudging it?! Sometimes we don’t notice that our once immaculate pedi is smudged until you’re too far to go back to the salon for a touch-up. If you find yourself in this situation, head to the local drugstore and pick up a bottle of Nutra Nail Instant Smudge Repair or grab some polish remover and tap out the smudge. Bonus points if you happened to BYOP to the salon and have the same color to touch up!


Break a Nail

Breaking a nail is one of the most annoying beauty emergencies ever! Apart from the fact that your jagged nail can get caught on things, you can ruin your manicure and it’s just plain bothersome! If you’re out and about, ask for a matchbox or book of matches and file your nail on the rough, sandpapery side of the box and smooth out those nails! What an easy and discreet way to get rid of rough and serrated nails!


Hair is on the Fritz

Frizzy or unruly hair is another one of the common beauty mistakes we all encounter at some point. While it’s quite vexing to see our hair all in a frizzy fritz, there is a cheap and super simple solution to this beauty emergency! Grab some hand or body lotion and work a pea-sized amount in your hands and work it into your hair. Concentrate on dry ends and frizzies and rub them on flyaways to give them weight!


Lacking Lashes

A quick beauty fix for lackluster lashes that have lost their curl is to head to the kitchen and grab a spoon. Using a spoon to curl lashes is an age old beauty secret that can instantly lift and open up eyes no matter where you are! Using a spoon for lash touch-ups is great because you won’t risk breaking lashes like you could with a regular lash curler!


Shiny Face

A shiny face might not seem like a beauty emergency to some but it can constitute a full on beauty 911 moment for other ladies! Maybe you ran out of blotting papers or your skin is reacting to new makeup you tried but a super shiny face can be quite embarrassing. If your oil glands are in overdrive, a simple fix is to use toilet paper or toilet seat cover to absorb excess oil.


Something in Your Teeth

Finding something in your teeth isn’t a common beauty mistake but it sure is an embarrassing little mishap that we want to avoid! If you’re not close to any toothpicks, use a plastic bag or a credit card to get in between your teeth and get that stubborn piece of vegetation out of your grill and get on with your day!


You Feel a Zit Coming on

An all too common beauty emergency is when you’re out and about minding your own business and you feel a pimple trying to rear its ugly head. If you can get your hands on an ice cube, you can easily reduce the swelling and inflammation of the imminent zit and if you want to try dry it out, squirt some lemon juice on a napkin and dab it on for an easy and cheap fix!

These common beauty mistakes and emergencies can try to ruin our day but now we know how to fight back! There are lots of ingenious little beauty fixes and tricks that can take us from a total beauty breakdown back to beauty bliss! Do you have any of your very own beauty fixes? Have you ever tried any of these beauty emergency tricks before?

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Awesome article! The matchbox one is so interesting. I will try in emergencies... But how do I curl with a spoon?

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