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8 Seemingly Harmless Habits That Can Affect Your Beauty ...

By Lisa

Have you ever thought of your everyday behaviors as habits that affect your beauty? We all actually have some apparently innocuous tendencies that can actually affect the way we look without our knowing! Sometimes we’re so busy or so used to doing certain things that these habits come second nature to us but you might want to think twice about your seemingly harmless habits after reading this list!

1 You Brush off Problems with Your Hair or Skin

So you’re a free spirit and normally throw caution to the wind when it comes to most things people would stress over but this could be a habit that can affect your beauty if you frequently ignore issues with your skin and hair. This isn’t referring to split ends or occasional pimples, if you are suddenly experiencing significant hair loss or you start seeing scaly patches or rashes that appear in large parts of your body could signal a lot more than just a fleeting annoyance so get checked out early on when you have more time to treat and heal!

2 You Constantly Slouch

Slouching is one of those habits that affect your beauty that many of us are guilty of doing but many of us aren’t aware we do. Slouching and having bad posture can result from numerous things like having a chair or desk that isn’t quite fitting but how does slouching affect beauty? For one, bad posture doesn’t look good and it can lead to problems in your back, muscles and joints as well as arthritis later in life all of which can impact your appearance and quality of life.

3 You Rarely Get Sufficient Sleep

We’ve heard it a million times, getting enough sleep affects our cognition and makes us irritable but it’s also one of the bad habits that affect your appearance. Lacking in sleep leads to a dull and pale complexion not to mention dark circles under your eyes. Whatever you’re doing that keeps you up late with not much time to sleep, rethink your schedule and priorities to work in more Z’s before you alter your appearance, metabolism and weaken your immune system!

4 You Drink Alcohol Excessively

Drinking alcohol can take the edge off of a long day, relax us, go down nicely with a meal and certain types are even good for us but if we drink to excess, drinking becomes one of the habits that affect your beauty. Drinking heavily dehydrates the skin, causes the capillaries in your skin to dilate, give your skin a dull, grey look and gives you bloodshot eyes. There is nothing pretty about any of those effects so enjoy drinks in moderation!

5 You Can’t Stop Touching Your Face and Hair

I admit it; I’m guilty of this bad habit that affects your beauty. I have a really hard time keeping my hands to myself and not touching my skin or hair! I like to rest my chin in my hands and twirl my hair, both of which I tend to do when I’m thinking or just plain bored but doing these things are just not very hygienic! Performing either habit just transfers germs from my hands to my face causing breakouts furthermore, touching my hair then my skin is just transferring oils from my hair to my face!

6 You Exfoliate Your Face-a Lot

This is one of the very seemingly harmless habits that can affect your beauty that tend to go unnoticed because exfoliating your skin usually equals clean skin but over-exfoliating leads to red, hyper-sensitive skin or causing capillaries on your face to break. Your facial exfoliation schedule will vary based on your skin type but always keep it gentle to stay on the safe side. You don’ t want to take chances with your skin so be kind to it!

7 You Squint Often

Squinting can be totally unintentional but it’s definitely one of the bad habits that affect your beauty. Maybe you need glasses, an update on your prescription contacts or possibly get some sunglasses that works as well as they look. Whatever the basis of your squinting, it can cause crow’s feet and wrinkles so get your eye examined not just for the sake of your appearance but so you can see things clearly!

8 You’re a Yo-Yo Dieter

Yo-yo dieting might seem like an innocent mistake women make while trying to lose weight but it’s one of those bad habits that affect your beauty. So what’s the connection between your skin and yo-yo dieting? When you go from a hardcore diet to indulging on oodles Dorito tacos, you’re taking away nutrients from your skin which can cause premature aging and stress on your skin causing drooping. Take your eating habits seriously as it can affect so many areas of your life!

Do you have any of these habits that affect your beauty? You’re not alone, countless women participate in these seemingly harmless habits but now that you know how it can affect not just your beauty but your health, make sure you’re more aware of your habits and the short and long-term effects they have.

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