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7 Unexpected Places to Get Beauty Inspiration from ...

By Lisa

If you’ve ever felt as if your makeup or style needs a little change, seek out some beauty inspiration! There are lots of cool and unexpected places to find inspiration for beauty that has nothing to do with fashion magazines, TV or tumblrs! If you want to get some fresh ideas on applying makeup or trying out or creating different colors, you must check out these 7 unexpected and random places to get beauty inspiration from!

1 Food

Veggies, fruits and pretty much everything growing under the sun can be a fabulous way to get beauty inspiration. Have you ever looked at salmon roe or pomegranate seeds and thought about how they resemble jewels? How about colors and textures of carrots, squash or apples? All of these food items can give you ideas on colors to try out as eye shadows or as accent colors in your hair!

2 Furniture

Find inspiration for beauty in furniture! Whether you’re looking at vintage furniture at a flea market, your own home or a swanky store, all of these places are great sources for inspiration for you! While you’re admiring all the patterns and colors you might find a new way to try applying eye liner or create a new lip color. It might seem odd to look at your old coffee table and be inspired but some pieces have such vibrant colors or finishes that you just have to try out in your makeup!


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3 Animals

Animals have long been a source of beauty inspo for women everywhere. Leopard print nails and peacock-inspired eyes are both fine examples of how we can borrow ideas from our animal friends and pay tribute to their natural beauty! Take a trip to the park, zoo or just look at your own pets; animals all have such unique features and colors that we can incorporate into our own makeup looks and show off our wild side!

4 Billboards

Get beauty inspiration for your next beauty look by gazing at billboards! If you live in a city that doesn’t have a lot of billboards, look to print ads. Businesses drop a lot of money on these billboards to make you want their product or service so let's get some beauty inspo from them! Look at them during different times of the day to get different perspectives. And look at the person, place, thing, or idea on the billboard and see if anything on it strikes a beauty chord in you!

5 Nature

Take a walk outside or go down to a park and you’ve got easy access to inspiration for beauty! The next time you’re out and about, focus your attention all of the changing colors around you. The leaves, the sky, or even plants and flowers can all give us tons of beauty inspiration! Looking at the pinks and yellows in the sky, the burnt oranges in leaves or soft, supple textures of flowers can all give you ideas on new colors or textures to try out in makeup!

6 Libraries

If it’s been awhile since you took a quick jaunt to your local library, a good reason to go back is to find a beauty muse! Children’s books as well as art and photography books make excellent sources of beauty inspo! Maybe a style of painting will inspire you to try out a different method of applying makeup or motivate you to try different colors! Take time to really examine the pictures instead of just flipping through, you’ll probably start noticing things you never have before!

7 Malls

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, malls are an ideal place for beauty inspiration and to find a beauty muse. You’ve got endless store displays, architecture and you’re bombarded with colors at every turn! Look at the season’s latest fashions and incorporate the colors and textures with makeup. Storefronts or product displays can also provide you with ideas on ways to add some interesting elements to your hair and makeup!

Beauty inspiration can come from just about anywhere. You don’t have to only follow celebrities or models to create beautiful and interesting makeup looks, beauty is literally everywhere! Where you do usually seek inspiration for beauty from? Have you ever come across something totally random that gave you inspiration to create a new look?

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