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7 Gym Bag Beauty Products for Girls Who Want to Look Hot after Workouts ...

By Holly

If you're going out with friends after your gym workout and don't have time to take a shower, then you need to be able to freshen up in a jiffy. Luckily, there are plenty of products to keep in your gym bag that will turn you from drab to fab in a few short minutes. All you need to do is make sure that these few items are always somewhere in your gym bag:

1 Dry Hair Shampoo

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Dry shampoo is one of the godsend products to keep in your gym bag. If your hair looks gross and greasy after your exercise, you don't have to cover it up with a hat or push it back with a headband. Instead, you can use dry hair shampoo in order to make your your locks look like they have just been washed and dried in the shower. It doesn't take long to apply it to your hair, so you won't be spending an unreasonable amount of time in the locker room trying to look presentable.

2 Cleansing Wipes

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You don't have to wear makeup to the gym. However, most women feel more comfortable when they have a little bit of mascara and lip gloss on. When your workout is over and that makeup slides all over your face, you can clean up the mess with cleansing wipes. Even if you didn't put on makeup in the morning, those cleansing wipes can get rid of some of the sweat clinging to your skin.

3 Body Mist

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You might feel the urge to spray on tons of perfume when you leave the gym in order to cover up your scent. However, most perfumes will just smell overbearing, especially when it's mixed with body odor. That's why you should use a body mist instead. The scent is lighter and the product is cheaper.

4 Chapstick

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Make sure that you always have the essentials, like deodorant and Chapstick, inside of your gym bag. They don't take up a lot of room, so you can stick them right inside of a pouch. After all, you don't want your flaked lips or sweaty underarms to embarrass you, do you?

5 Feminine Wipes

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Your face isn't the only area that should be wiped down after a workout. You don't want your lady parts to give off an unflattering odor, which is why you should also carry feminine wipes around with you. They only take two seconds to use, but they'll keep you feeling fresh for the entire day.

6 Hand Sanitizer / Hand Wash

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This is more of a sanitary product than a beauty product, but you should always keep it on hand. Gym equipment is touched by dozens of sweaty bodies each and every day. Think about how many germs are getting on your skin! If you're going to eat or touch your face after a workout, make sure to sanitize your hands beforehand, and wash your hands afterwards.

7 Mascara

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If you feel like a mess after your workout, you don't have to put on foundation and lipstick and eye shadow to feel whole again. A quick swipe of mascara will make your eyes appear brighter and your smile wider. It's the only makeup product you need in your gym bag, because it makes a huge improvement without a lot of effort.

These products will help you look fabulous while keeping fit. What else do you keep in your gym bag at all times?

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