10 Beauty Rituals That Men Will Never Understand ...


10 Beauty Rituals That Men Will Never Understand ...
10 Beauty Rituals That Men Will Never Understand ...

Beauty rituals are something that men will never understand. They are something that only us girls will ever get and every understand. Don't worry though guys, I've got the low-down on the top 10 beauty rituals that you probably don't get, but that I'll explain. So, take a look before for the answers to all of the questions that you had in your head about the beauty rituals that women perform everyday!

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Guys, I know that you don't understand why we wax our bikini area, our legs or even our eyebrows. There is reasoning behind it, trust me, it hurts, we wouldn't do it otherwise. When you wax the hair, it actually grows back thinner and less black. That means that it is less noticeable than if you shave it. Make sense?


Liquid Eyeliner

Some guys never understand the beauty ritual of using liquid liner on our eyes. Truthfully? It's easier to put on, that's why we use it. It's also a great liner to make things like cat eyes. With a pencil liner, it's typically harder to draw a straight line and it smudges more.


Changing Outfits … Constantly

We go through phases where nothing fits, nothing feels pretty and nothing feels right. That's why we change our outfits constantly. Sometimes, we even go back to the first outfit that we try on. So, strap in if your girl is going through this particular beauty ritual and just let her know that she looks pretty in everything that she wears!


Threading Our Eyebrows

Threading is not something that I personally do, however I've seen it done before and I know a ton of girls who go through this beauty ritual all of the time. It's a process of using a thread to pluck hairs from your eyebrows instead of waxing. Guys, the reason some girls do this is again, because the hair grows back thinner and less black, so it's less noticeable.



Girls actually tend to have dryer skin than guys. It's probably because of the makeup that we use and so the moisturizer that we use? That's because we want to keep our skin looking plump and fresh all of the time. Heck, you guys could probably use it too to keep your face soft and fresh too!


Eyelash Curlers

I know that most guys don't understand the need for an eyelash curler, but it's actually a nifty little tool. Before your girlfriend puts on a coat of her mascara, she's probably using an eyelash curler, just so she can gain that doll-like look and so the lashes will stay curly all night. It works!


Hair Straighteners

Oh, how I love my hair straightener. See, I have super curly hair and I use my hair straightener every single day. I know that you guys don't understand the need for a girl to straighten her hair everyday, but it's a self esteem thing. We feel better when our hair looks perfectly straight – unless of course, the girl likes curls. For me, it's all about the straight hair!


Hair Masks

Speaking of hair, hair masks are another thing that we use! The reasoning behind using hair masks is because we want our tresses to stay split-end free and looking shiny and beautiful. Don't mock our hair masks, they are what make you want to run your fingers through our hair.


Face Masks

The same goes for face masks. It might look weird to come home to a girl with some green stuff on her face, but that green stuff is sucking out acne and dirt from our face. That in turn, makes us look beautiful. This is absolutely one of my every Friday night beauty rituals!


Hair Products

Finally, we might have a lot of hair products, but all of them do something else. We might have root lifter in a spray form and the gel, but we use them on two different hairstyles. We know what we're doing with our hair products, don't mess with them!

So guys, does that clear up some of the famous beauty rituals that you might have had some questions about? Did I miss any beauty rituals that you are still curious about? Girls are mysterious creatures, but we are fun aren't we?

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Personally, I LOVE curly, wavy, voluminousness hair! I have/ have always had perfectly straight thin hair... although I'm confident with my hair i always wish i could just add a bit a life too! All healthy hair is beautiful, drop the heat girl!!

lol this was hilarious! i think the straightening refers to perhaps frizz (that's how i'll interpret to forgive the author). i don't know how to do all this in a relationship but i need time to look good

guys will never understand our rituals and the time we take and the process we go through

You have a better self-esteem when your hair is straight ?? You should love your hair regardless of its texture because every types of hair is beautiful when taken care of! :)

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