7 Ways to Fix Beauty Mistakes ...


7 Ways to Fix Beauty Mistakes ...
7 Ways to Fix Beauty Mistakes ...

How to fix beauty mistakes is easy once you know all of the different ways! Have you ever had an oily scalp? What about runny eye makeup? Well ladies, I've got all of the tips and tricks on how to fix beauty mistakes that we all have had to deal with before! So, without anything further, let's learn how to fix beauty mistakes that are horrible to deal with!

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Oily Scalp

An oily scalp is really common, especially if you just wake up. So, how do you deal with having a bunch of oil in your scalp? You don't condition the roots! Ladies, your scalp actually has a ton of natural oils in it already and every time you condition your roots, you're adding oil on top of oil. So leave the conditioner off and see clean and fresh your hair feels!


Runny Eyeliner

This is one of the beauty mistakes that I have such a problem with! If you're suffering from runny eyeliner, don't worry! There are tons of ways on how to fix this beauty mistake quickly and easily! All you need is a few sponge puffs and you gently swipe them under your eyes. You also might want to invest in some waterproof eyeliner (I totally had to do this) so that way your eyeliner will stay put all of the time!


Oily T-Zone

My skin for the most part is really dry, but my T-zone is where I typically have a ton of problems! It's so oily all of the time! My trick to fix this beauty mistake is to keep a few oil blotting clothes in my purse. A quick trip to the bathroom and a few blots later and my oil is all cleaned up!


Lipstick Painted Teeth

Yes, your lipstick looks fantastic on your lips, but not so much on your teeth. Learning how to fix beauty mistakes like this is easy – you just gotta use your thumb! After you apply your lipstick, close your lips around your thumb, hold for a few seconds and withdraw. What this does is get all of the lipstick off of your lips that could touch your teeth!


Flaking Lips

Having chapped lips is something that every woman goes through. I know that I constantly am biting or chewing on my lower lips and one great way that I keep the flakes away is by using LUSH's Mint Julips lip scrub! This stuff works awesome and after a quick scrub, your lips will feel softer and ready for any lipstick you put on!


Under Eye Concealer Creases

Learning how to fix beauty mistakes isn't always easy, especially when it comes to your foundation and concealer. Well ladies, Smashbox has taken the guessing out of fixing your beauty mistakes with the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer! Just place this primer on top of your concealer and it'll stay put no matter what!



Over-blushing is definitely one of the easiest beauty mistakes that most women make. I know that I've over-blushed quite a few times and there are ways that you can fix this! All you need to do is use the right brush, a little less blush and you'll look beautiful in no time at all!

Learning how to fix beauty mistakes is all about common sense and just using some of these tips and tricks! I know that I've had quite a few beauty blunders in the past, but that doesn't stop me from fixing beauty mistakes easily! So ladies, what beauty mistakes do you constantly make? Share 'em!

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