7 Beauty Tips for Tomboys Who Want to Look More Feminine ...


7 Beauty Tips for Tomboys Who Want to Look More Feminine ...
7 Beauty Tips for Tomboys Who Want to Look More Feminine ...

If you’re a tomboy who wants to look a little more girly, I’ve got some easy beauty tips for tomboys that can help you achieve a more feminine look while still looking like yourself! You don’t have to make any drastic changes in order to look more feminine. There are tons of simple and subtle ways to look girly yet remain true to your tomboy lifestyle!

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Tinted Lips

The first tomboy beauty tip is to try out a tinted lip balm or lip butter to add some color to your lips. Lip balms and lip butters are great because they’re pretty sheer so you’re not walking around with brightly painted lips.Tints offer light color and moisture so they give your lips a subtle wash of color without the heavy feel and pigmentation of lipstick.


Tinted lip balms and lip butters are a great way to add a subtle hint of color to your lips without the feeling of heavy lipstick. They come in a variety of shades, so you can choose the one that best suits your skin tone and desired look. Not only are they great for adding a touch of color, but they also moisturize your lips, making them look healthy and hydrated. Tinted lip balms and lip butters are a great way to get a natural, feminine look without having to apply a full-coverage lipstick.


BB Cream

One of the beauty tips for tomboys that I think all women should try once is a BB cream. BB creams, which stand for beauty balm is a very light yet beneficial cream that works like a foundation but offers sun protection and anti-aging properties along with evening out your skin. Who doesn’t want clear and healthy skin?! Try out a BB cream and get lots of benefits in one product!


Finger Paint

Painting your nails is the next tomboy beauty tip. Painted nails can be a super simple way to look a little more girly without much fuss. There are literally millions of different colors and textures available so you’re not limited to the typical red or pink nail polish. Try out plum, browns, holographic, magnetic or matte nail colors and find your fave.



Next on the list of beauty tips for tomboys is wearing blush. Blush gives you a soft wash of color and instantly wakes up your face.There are different types of blush like creams and pressed or loose powders which all offer different levels of color. The main reason I wear blush is because I look really pale and blah without it and adding just a little color to your face can make a huge difference!


Care for Hair

Looking more feminine involves looking soft and ladylike so this beauty tip for tomboys is to take good care of your hair. You don’t have to wear a different hairstyle every day and don a ton of hair accessories but healthy hair is always sexy! Deep condition your hair and get a trim every so often to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.


Groom Eyebrows

This tomboy beauty tip is so important; you can literally skip eye makeup if it’s done right. Eyebrows frame your face and messy or unruly brows can make you look sloppy.Try getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded once and do upkeep yourself with tweezers to get rid of strays.Having clean and groomed brows looks good and makes a huge difference!


Define Eyes

Defining eyes is one of the beauty tips for tomboys that I had to mention! You can use mascara, eye liner or eye shadow to easily define eyes and look pulled together. Don’t feel obligated to use all three products at once, use what you’re comfortable with and feel good in. You can always experiment with other products later but starting off with one product to open up and wake up your face is a great start!

I hope you found these beauty tips for tomboys helpful! Makeup counters and stores can be intimidating and overwhelming. Hit up a drugstore with a good return policy or watch some online tutorials with natural makeup tips to get more ideas and experiment! Wearing makeup can be fun and boost your confidence so give it a try, you might end up loving it!

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I feel as if this post is directing at tomboys who want to be more feminine. A lot of those I can agree with- BB cream and neat eyebrows, but the "looking more feminine" bit on the hair... eh. Instead of making this "Beauty Tips For Tomboys," could you change it to the more appropriate "Beauty Tips To Look More Feminine?"

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