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Have you ever looked back at old or even some recent magazines or TV shows and realized you just heard some of the worst beauty tips ever?! I’m not one to live in the past, but there are some horrible pieces of advice out there that should never be followed! Check out this list and see if you spot any bad beauty tips that you used to follow, I promise not to hold it against you! Let’s put a stop to these bad beauty pointers from the past and never look back!

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Apply Moisturizer to Damp Skin for Best Results

I’m starting this list of the 8 worst beauty tips ever with a doozy! Weren’t we always told to apply moisturizer to our faces and bodies to lock in moisture? It makes perfect sense to apply lotion to our bodies while it’s still a little damp and letting it soak in. But applying facial moisturizer while your face is still damp will result in slippery skin with anything you apply on top sliding off.


Use Lipstick or Lip Gloss as Eye Shadow

Using a sticky lip gloss as an eye shadow has to be the worst beauty tip ever! Even in a pinch, I would be hard-pressed to use lipstick or gloss as an eye shadow based on the color of the product alone. Some ladies can certainly pull off red or pink eye shadows, but the issue here is the formula. Most lipsticks and glosses are just too greasy for the eye area, so you’re better off going without!


Use Glue to Get Rid of Blackheads

You know it’s bad beauty advice when you’re advised to use glue on your face! Save the paste for craft projects and let your aesthetician or a pore strip take care of the blackheads on your face. Using a product like glue that’s not safe for use on skin can cause skin problems rather than taking care of one, so steer clear of this cheap trick!


Lipstick is for Grannies

This has got to be the most ridiculous one of the worst beauty tips I ever heard! I understand that some people associate certain shades or textures of lipstick with older women but uh, all lipsticks do not make you old! There are lip colors and textures for every woman out there and not just your grandmother, so don’t let this silly tip deter you from rocking your favorite lipstick!


Match Foundation to Your Hand

Hmmm, I don’t know who came up with this pearl of wisdom, but it’s got to be a sure way to mismatch color and the worst beauty tip ever! Trying to find your foundation color based off the skin color on your hand is like walking in to a store and arbitrarily picking a foundation that looks good to you. Don’t believe me? Hold your hand up to your bare face and you’ll see that your skin color on your hand is much different!

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Treat Cracked Skin with Krazy Glue

Who knew glue would make two appearances on this list of worst beauty tips ever, but unfortunately it did. Using Krazy Glue on skin sounds like bad news and it is! It might sound good in theory, but the ingredients in the glue can irritate or infect your skin. It can also take a very long time to come off, so you’re better off leaving the Krazy Glue for broken vases and figurines!


Piling on Concealer under Your Eyes

Lately there have been some celebs sporting this bright and heavy “half-moon” look under the eyes, which bad beauty advice is obviously to blame! Eva Longoria, Taraji P. Henson, and Nicole Kidman are some of the celebrities caught on camera with mis-matched colors and tons of under eye concealer. Use concealer sparingly and makes sure it matches your skin!


Use Nail Polish Remover to Treat Pimples

Okay, this by far is the most toxic tips and tops the list of the worst beauty tips ever! Who the heck wants to put something that takes off nail polish on their face?! Please don’t use nail polish remover for anything other than removing nail polish! I don’t know who started this rumor, but it will seriously dry out your skin and you’re basically applying harsh chemicals to your face!

What did you think of this list of the worst beauty tips ever? There are some cray cray beauty tips out there and I hope you do some homework before trying any suggestions that sound a little bizarre in the future.

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To match your foundation you should be using a few colours and math them on your jaw line. It'll be the best way to blend the face and the neck so you don't get "cake face" or the "orange line"

Hey Lauryn! What kind of skin do you have and what are you looking for in a foundation?

great tip!

I'm 15 and I am forever wearing lipstick and when people tell me it's for grannies I go crazy because its for everyone

I've only heard of one of these but it's so ridiculous! Especially the glue (both!) and the nail polish remover. D:

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