7 Beauty Tips for the Office ...


7 Beauty Tips for the Office ...
7 Beauty Tips for the Office ...

Beauty tips for the office are pretty important because when you go to work you want to put forth the best impression for your co-workers and any clients or customers you meet with. Fortunately, getting your look for work just right isn’t hard, but can make you appear professional and fabulous every time you head out the door. It’s always a good idea to look over the guidelines that your employer gives you regarding your appearance, but in general, you can use the following beauty tips for the office, no matter where you work.

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Wear Moisturizer

Wear Moisturizer Whether you also wear make-up or not, one of the top beauty tips for the office is to moisturize every day. The harsh lighting in most offices can be pretty unflattering, a problem that can be exacerbated by dry skin. Slather on a good facial cream morning and night so that your skin stays hydrated and healthy looking all the time.


Choose Subtle Colors

Choose Subtle Colors Most offices call for semi-formal dress, which means that debuting your bright turquoise nail polish might be a better bet for the weekend. There’s no reason at all why you can’t wear make-up to work, but it shouldn’t be so obvious that it’s the only thing people notice about you. Go for subtle, flattering shades on your eyes, cheeks, lips and nails and save the crazy stuff for the party on Saturday night.


Bring the Basics with You

Bring the Basics with You You never know when an impromptu meeting with your boss will be scheduled or you’ll have to entertain a client. For that reason, keep some of your basics at work with you so you’ll always look professional. A brush for smoothing your hair, an extra lipstick and a tube of mascara give you the tools you need for a quick touch-up anytime it’s needed.


Easy Hairstyle

Easy Hairstyle There’s nothing professional about having to run to the bathroom to fix your hair or having a disaster on your head when you’re in the middle of a meeting. Choose easy maintenance hairstyles for work so you can concentrate on your job. A braid, loose bun or ponytail are all appropriate in most workplaces.


Skip Nail Art

Skip Nail Art Many executives in charge of hiring say to skip the fancy nail art. Sure, it’s fun and gives your look some personality, but the office isn’t the place for it. It can be very distracting (because it’s just so cool), but that’s not what you want to happen when you want people to take you seriously. Go for the nail art when you aren’t at work, but keep it under wraps while you’re at the office.


Go Easy on the Glitter

Go Easy on the Glitter By that I mean you should probably skip it altogether. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of shimmer, but full on glitter that falls off every time you move isn’t going to give off the vibe you want at the office. Leave the glitter for special events or a night on the town with your friends.


Don’t Choose Strange Hair Colors

Don’t Choose Strange Hair Colors Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a job where bright turquoise hair or pink highlights were embraced? Sadly, there aren’t a ton of jobs like that out there. Weird hair can distract co-workers and get in the way of how you want people to see you. Alas, sometimes being an adult isn’t all that much fun, is it?

What are your go-to tips for the office? Luckily, my office is in my house, but I still try to look decent, even if it’s just for myself. Do you have any other beauty tips for work?

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I agree with Janelle....While the whole glitter from head to to can be a bit much, we need to direct society to a point where expressing your personality within boundaries is acceptable and not "distracting"

You can look clean and sophisticated while still expressing yourself. You don't have to have your hair pulled in a bun and a stick stuck up your ass

I have worked for three years in a department of a Dutch company where I was the only woman with makeup and nail polish. Even though the colours I use are very natural, they still looked at me as if I was a crazy, flirty and shallow person. I have two bachelor degrees in informatics, so I am not really stupid. These guys were just nerdy hillbillies.

Nice article all those glitter etc does make a person trashy one should look clean and sofisticated in the office

I hate posts like this. Like a woman can't be glittery or colorful in the workplace. If all it takes is a bright color to distract from the task at hand then maybe you should reevaluate your company

We need to stop trying to look how we think a man should want us to look

The pictures are annoying you can see them unless u scroll up and by the time u do they disappear

might be a glich on ur phone? I had no issues with the picture and text .

Thanks :)

I agree w/ janelle as well my mom had awesome nail art that her manicurist does and she just goes oh well I like them f* everyone else!

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