7 Beauty Treatments to Give Yourself on a Weekly Basis ...


7 Beauty Treatments to Give Yourself on a Weekly Basis ...
7 Beauty Treatments to Give Yourself on a Weekly Basis ...

Beauty treatments are fun, improve your appearance and just renew your spirit. I love the time that I can devote to beauty treatments each week. I try to take time on Saturdays to do them because it is so hard to fit in at any other time of the week. Find a time that works well for you in your week to devote to this. You will feel so much better about yourself.

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A Deep Conditioning Treatment

A deep conditioning treatment for your hair is one of the must do beauty treatments each week. You can certainly do them less but I just feel that doing them weekly is the best choice for my hair. It keeps it soft, smooth and healthy. For an extra bonus to make this work well, try wrapping your condition-coated hair in a warm, moist towel. It makes a huge difference in the outcome.


A Facial Mask

A facial mask is something I generally do every Saturday morning, too. There are many different types of facial masks you can choose from. They range from purifying to moisturizing to evening out your skin tone. My face always feels smoother afterward and the surface feels more even.


A Microdermabrasion Treatment

A microdermabrasion treatment is a great thing to do for your face but you need to use caution with them. Some of them can be harsh on your skin. Be sure to follow the instructions to know how often you can do them. I do mine once a week but on a different day than I do a facial mask. I love how my skin feels newer after a microdermabrasion treatment.


A Foot Soak

Our feet take a lot of abuse. We expect them to just go and go and go for us without giving them any TLC. I try to soak my feet once a week in warm water and then remove the dead skin with a foot file. Applying a lotion or cream created especially for your feet can make them even softer. I love Glytone products for this but they need to be used carefully as they have an acidic ingredient.


A Manicure

Saturdays are usually my manicure day. I can sit down and take the time to file my nails, work on the cuticles and paint them. I like to do them on Saturdays so they are pretty for church on Sunday. Sometimes I simply give them a coat of clear polish. A little something to make them look pretty is enough for me.


An Exfoliating Shower

I love body scrubs. I love the feel of using an exfoliating sugar scrub or body wash. I love how it gets the dead skin off to reveal fresh, new skin underneath. If you want to up the exfoliating factor you can use a loofah. I use a loofah daily but usually only use an exfoliating product once a week.


Apply Body Butter

After your exfoliating shower, follow up with a nice coat in body butter. Body butter is a step above body lotion in what it will do for your body. It seems to moisturize better. It has a different, creamier feel to it that you will love. If you choose one with a good fragrance, you may not even need perfume that day.

I would love to know about your weekly beauty treatments. What do you do for yourself on a weekly basis? There may be something I am missing out on!

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