8 Real Reasons We Have a Beauty Store Addiction ...


8 Real Reasons We Have a Beauty Store Addiction ...
8 Real Reasons We Have a Beauty Store Addiction ...

Do you consider yourself someone with a beauty store addiction? If so, believe me, you aren’t alone! Ever since I discovered Sephora many moons ago, it was hard for me to not get excited about walking in those doors and browsing all the aisles filled with so many magnificent beauty products! If you think you too might have a beauty store addiction, check this list of reasons we get addicted to beauty stores and know that you’re not alone!

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It’s like a Museum

I believe that one of the top reasons why we can get a beauty store addiction is that it’s literally like a museum. You’ve got rows and rows of beautifully packaged beauty products, makeup in all different colors and textures; it’s really a feast for the eyes! Beauty stores house tons of eye-catching beauty displays and products that are hard to pass up!


Show and Tell

Another big reason we love beauty stores is that we get to try all the products out! If there’s a high end skin care product or lipstick that we’ve been eyeing, we can easily go to a beauty store to look at it, try it out and get a friend or sales associate’s opinion on it. As much as I love drugstore makeup, I hate that we’re unable to try it out first!


It Makes Us Happy

Let me ask you something, when was the last time you or anyone you know have been to Ulta or Sephora and have been unhappy?! Maybe you were slightly peeved before you walked in but once you walk in the beauty store, it’s like we’ve been transported to an oasis and we instantly get happy! I think it’s a combination of the fragrances, discovering new beauty products and just being in an exciting environment!


Make Me over

Beauty stores are also a great place to try out a new look. Maybe you want to DIY or maybe you prefer getting the help of an expert, but you can definitely walk into a beauty store looking drab and walk out looking fab! Whether you’re just trying to find your new favorite lipstick or you get an entirely different look that you normally don’t wear, it’s a great place to step outside your beauty comfort zone!


It Has It All

Another reason I get sucked into beauty stores is that they have it all! No matter what the occasion, you can get just about everything you need from your hair to your feet from many different brands from around the world all in one place. You can find just about everything you need beauty-wise, so there’s no need to go anywhere else!


You Get Rewarded

Another perk of being a frequent shopper of a beauty store is that you get rewarded for your purchases. Most beauty stores have a rewards program so you can get points towards free or discounted beauty products, and that’s like a dream come true for us beauty addicts! You can’t go wrong when you’re rewarded for shopping at a place you love!


Limited Edition

Many times beauty stores get in special limited edition beauty products from a certain line of cosmetics or a special collaboration with a designer and it’s just too hard to resist! True beauty addicts know that getting their hands on certain exclusive beauty products is important, so we’ll go to great lengths to get them or at least get a look at it.



I think many people believe that the products we find in a beauty store are superior to others we find in other places. We come to think of beauty stores as authorities in all things beauty, so if they carry it, it’s gotta be good! I don’t disagree that these beauty stores carry great stuff but I wouldn’t restrict myself to shopping for beauty products in just one place. There are plenty of great brands out there that you won’t see at many beauty stores!

Beauty stores are a great getaway for us to just escape from our stressful lives and surround ourselves with attractive products, glamorous fragrances and fabulous beauty products. Whoever came up with the idea of a beauty store knew what they were doing and created the ultimate beauty sanctuary for us beauty lovers! Do you consider yourself a beauty addict or addicted to beauty stores?

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i love sephora and when i was growing up i used to spend 70 bucks for foundation , 40 for bronzer, 30 for mascara, etc. However, now that im older and actually realize how hard it is to make money, i go to walmart or shoppers instead and save a pretty buck!!!

I wouldn't call myself a beauty addict, I do show restraint in what I purchase, makeup lets me create beauty and that's what I love about it.

How are these real reasons? What about he media? That should be the 1st reason...

I could just stand in the Sephora near Nordstrom and stare at all the eyeshadows for hours. *_*

Beauty stores. Favorite place to go when I'm sad. Lol

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